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2011 Acadia Rear Blower Will Not Shut Off

Just Try It1 Just Try It1
Moderator | Posts: 2796 | Joined: 08/14
Posted: 11/07/18
08:51 PM

i was going to answer this yesterday.. but it vanished.. the servers need some work after all the flash player ads from google and others have attacked it..

as to your problem..

the rear fans has a fuse in the underhood fuse box ..

its marked hopefully on the inside of the cover.. RR HVAC..

there is a rear blower speed control module somewhere near the rear fan.. i will take me a little while to find it..  it will have a Red and white wire coming from the fuse.  a black wire going to negative on the body of the SUV..

another red and white wire along with an Orange wire to the blower motor in the rear..

if your rear blower motor is stuck in the RUN position.. i would first find and replace the rear blower motor speed module..

 there are several versions used..

  autozone Duralast or wells brand
Blower Motor Resistor JA1717
Notes: Front and rear
OEM #13501703 or 15141283


Duralast Blower Motor Resistor
   Part Number: JA1901
   Notes: Front and rear
   OEM #22811003

you will have to get the part number off yours to be sure that you get the proper blower motor resistor..

hopefully the wiring to it did not melt..  that happens..

pigtails are available to repair/replace burnt or damaged wiring harnesses..

please use a proper wire crimper that leaves a dent/depression in the quick connector butt terminal..  the dorman wire crimper 86263 is the one i like the best..  ask for it by part number.. an amazing variation of parts stores including most autozones have it out on the isles someplace..  its about 20 bucks.. and will last a lifetime.  

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