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Overflow hose leak. 1999 Buick Regal GS (Supercharged)

Just Try It1 Just Try It1
Moderator | Posts: 2796 | Joined: 08/14
Posted: 07/02/18
12:35 PM

could be..

the 3 fan relays might need changing..  2 of them have 4 pins and one has 5 pins.. usually up near the right front headlight..  usually under a big bracket held down with a bunch of 15MM head bolts.. please make sure you reinstall all of them..

 the coolant tank hose is usually 9/32  vacuum and wiper hose.. and is sometimes hard to find..  when i would find it.. i would buy an entire roll..

i would want to check the Elbows down behind the timing cover and the intake for leaks..

i would want you to check the oil filler cap to make sure its not filled with milk shake type of slime indicating failed head gaskets.. a known issue on 3800's after an overheat..

i have a crazy easy test..  cold engine... a piece of saran wrap across the radiator filler neck.. push a depression in the radiator saran wrap..  seal it in place with a rubber band.. give an upper hose a squeeze to verify a tight seal.. the depression should pop up and go back down..

if the overflow hose is leaking.. you may need to squeeze closed with a tiny pair of vice grip needle nose pliers..   now start the engine for 15 seconds.. if the depression inflates within 15 seconds then you have a leaking head gasket..

you will also want to rock the car backward and forward while listening to the transmission thru the open hood.. this is engine off and the transmission in park.. or just look to see if the transmission has already been rebuilt..  you will also want to check the color and smell of the transmission fluid..  should be bright red.. and should smell like ATF.. not dark brown/black or burned smelling indicating a failing transmission.

do you really want a 99 regal.   are you willing to dump a lot of money into it if the transmission fails.. or the engine blows..  its almost good to have a complete spare engine, transmission, subframe and lower control arms to pop in if you blow the motor or the transmission.  stored in a garage on a pallet rack..


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