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Fix Xterra or buy another SUV?

Just Try It1 Just Try It1
Moderator | Posts: 2796 | Joined: 08/14
Posted: 08/04/18
12:29 PM

have the transmission rebuilt in the xterra..  enjoy your xterra for another 200,000+ miles..

you have already replaced the timing belt.. probably the water pump. thermostat and coolant..  so you are good for at least 80,000 miles if all works out well.

you did not mention which year xterra..  so i can't look up the expected timing belt change out mileage..

you may want to do some research about how much remans are in portland..  i have been thru your town..  depending on the price of the tow also.  or the trailer rental ..  

Just Try It1 Just Try It1
Moderator | Posts: 2796 | Joined: 08/14
Posted: 08/06/18
06:30 PM

you are still better off getting your transmission rebuilt..

but first they should scan it for codes.. look at the live data stream..  to make sure its not a small issues that is easily resolved.

there is a transmission chain that advertises..

only 50% of the cars that come into their shop actually need a rebuilt transmission..

this is absolutely the truth..

what they failed to say. is that even with only 50% needing a rebuilt transmission.. every one of them got one...  if it did not work because of a different issue.. well you got a new transmission anyway and the other issues are just extras..

i know that as i got a job there doing removal and installation in the early 80s.. one car came in with a vacuum hose off.. dropped the pan.. fluid was like new.. no debris at all. test drove..  later that week i found out the bill was 736.00 for a reman transmission. i quit as soon as i was paid.

even i have issues with transmission builders..

i sent a 70 torino over to the transmission shop.. they rebuilt it.. i ask them to NOT change the converter since it was only 3 weeks old..  they changed the converter.. sent it out for rebuilding.. it was a custom converter for the 429 high horsepower motor in the car.. they put a stock converter back in it..  when i ask them why.. well a torque converter is a torque converter..  they are all the same for that model..  i wonder if they miss my business..  

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