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A/C fan works intermittently, already replaced the relay

Just Try It1 Just Try It1
Moderator | Posts: 2796 | Joined: 08/14
Posted: 08/03/18
06:50 PM

these trucks may have 2 different types of systems.. a manual control system that is like it says.. manually controlled.. knobs and perhaps levers..

then there is a fully automatic climate control system.. it will have push buttons and digital read outs usually..

i test climate control systems by turning the fan on to HIGH SPEED...

i then move the mode lever to change from defrost output vents at the base of the windshield ..

i then change the speeds of the fan to see if it responds to the switch positions.. high speed is usually direct or thru a high speed fan relay..

with the fan back on high.. i move the mode switch  to change from defrost to face outlets then floor outlets..

i put it back in face outlets...  or defrost and i start moving the temp lever or knob.. slowly from cold to hot and back to cold.. see if the system responds.

your tacoma probably has a cabin air filter.. to catch the dust and debris that can come in thru the climate control system..   has that been changed..

lately mice and rodents have been found to have made nests in the cabin air filter.. sometimes down in the blower motor wheel...

 if you can log back in and let me know which climate control system you have..

you can also use a cell phone and make a 10 or 15 second video of it and upload it to youtube.. keeping the youtube settings as unlisted.. paste the URL or the SHare link here..  

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