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2002 Dodge Durango 5.9 liter

Just Try It1 Just Try It1
Moderator | Posts: 2796 | Joined: 08/14
Posted: 02/10/19
06:37 AM

first step..

buy new ASD and Fuel pump relays you may need to take them in the store and have the numbers matched.

it will take longer to open the hood than it will to replace those.

you can if you want to spend some time diagnosing.. probe in the underhood fuse box fuse 49... see with a test light and somebody working the ignition key if it comes on instantly each time.. that is one of the outputs of the ASD relay..

with a digital volt meter set to 20 volts. the engine running..  please place one probe on fuse 2 and the other probe on fuse 49..  that will check the voltage drop thru the ASD relay contacts and circuits.

you will also want to check fuse 44.. to see if there are any power issues when cranking.  it should have constant power..

you will also want to probe something in the underhood fuse box as PTC NO.1 7.5 amps. that is fed from the A21 circuit of the ignition switch..  that sends power to the coil of the fuel pump relay.. no power there.. no fuel pump..  the negative side of the fuel pump relay is controlled by the computer.

you will if you get new asd and fuel pump relays.. not throw out the old relays..

i would love for you to pry the cover off the fuel pump relay..  examine it to locate the contacts.. examine the contacts.. they are usually in the narrow side down low with the cover off.  there is a normally closed position.. and a normally open position.. i would love for you to shove a wooden tooth pick or sliver of wood into the normally closed contacts so the normally open contacts are now closed..  then reinsert the fuel pump relay and see if the fuel pump turns on instantly.

i would love for you to also pull the air cleaner off the top of the throttle body.  engine off and the engine cold or cool enough to touch..  have somebody hold their foot on the gas pedal .. The KEYS ARE IN YOUR POCKET so there is no chance they can start it.  this will hold the throttle open while you look down the throttle body bores for signs of excessive carbon build up around and below the throttle blades.  don't spray cleaner directly into the throttle body.  use a cotton shop towel wrapped around a paint stir stick with some carb or brake cleaner sprayed on it to clean the carbon from around the throttle body bores..  don't scratch them up with tools.  the carbon build up reduces the amount of bypass air going around the throttle plates.. that is important.. with carbon restricting the bypass air.. the idle air control valve will have to stay wide open and still not have enough to allow the engine to fast idle..

why not to spray down the throttle bores.. if the spray follows the throttle shaft to the passenger side it can damage the throttle position sensor..

please spend the extra few minutes trying to reassemble the air cleaner on the throttle body.. its not always easy.. but you don't want dirt getting sucked into the engine..  

Just Try It1 Just Try It1
Moderator | Posts: 2796 | Joined: 08/14
Posted: 02/10/19
06:40 AM

oh.. i forgot..

copy the text above.. send it to your self in an email or print it.. so you can follow it..  it took me about half an hour to dig up the proper wiring diagrams and figure out where everything goes.. stuff varies from year to year.

this test..  perform all the steps.. during test 5 please check as many fuses as you can in the underhood fuse box..  including those i listed above.

link to the voltage drop test below to open full size for saving and printing


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