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Timing issue

Just Try It1 Just Try It1
Moderator | Posts: 2796 | Joined: 08/14
Posted: 01/10/19
01:48 PM

i have a few things..

take the cap back off.. grab the rotor. turn left and right while preventing upward motion. you should have very little movement left and right.

the distributor gears do wear when the upper bushing wears inside the distributor..


you should have NO PLAY in the shaft/rotor when pushed in any direction.. left, right, front, rear..

is the top of the distributor rusted up.??


with the cap off the rotor on.. move the damper to TDC in the normal direction of crank rotation.. now slowly with a breaker bar on the crank center bolt head.. turn the crank the other way till the distributor starts to move..

how much movement is there from the groove at the TDC mark to till the distributor reacts.. more than about 5/8 of an inch at the outside of the damper.. you have a worn timing chain.

and if you go past TDC and back the crank up. the rotor/reluctor will appear to be in the wrong spot.

are the spark plug wires all plugged in..

is the cap truly centered on the distributor mounting flange..  if not.. you can have problems.. when you take the cap back off.. examine the inside terminals for signs of strikes by the tip of the rotor..

a cracked cap will also cause issues.

rust knocked down into the pickup coil and reluctor can have serious issues..

with the cap off.. pull the rotor.. with a bright flashlight.. look at the top plate on the shaft.. you can see it buried in rust above.  there is a small gap between that plate and the shaft allowing you to view the second layer..

if the second layer is cracked. the distributor has to be replaced.    you can see tiny cracks in the second layer magnet in this image..


these cracks create random waveforms in the sinewave from the pickup coil causing the ignition to misfire or have additional spark events ..  

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