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Selling Both Vehicles - Basic Math

Just Try It1 Just Try It1
Moderator | Posts: 2796 | Joined: 08/14
Posted: 08/04/18
12:47 PM

since i am the main person here answering questions unfortunately.

i don't have a way to answer it for you.

i have been told i have magic hands.. i can lay my hands on a car and manage to fix its faults..

i can't do that with people. as hard as I've tried.

i wish had more to offer. other welcome to the American dream. DEBT up to your upper lip and lead shoes on while trying to stay afloat.

start stashing some cash.. you may run across a $500 to $1500 car that somebody is trying to sell.. i run across them often.  heck.. i ran across a really clean 97 jetta 5 speed just the other day.. 500 bucks..  needed a battery..  been parked for 6 months the wife got a newer car.. i have a bad knee or i would have snatched that up quickly.. i sent a few friends over and they snubbed their noses up as it had a layer of dust on it.  the owner got tired and actually Scrapped it for 100 bucks just to get it out of his parking space..  those kinds of deals pop up.. could save you a load on your fuel bill... save mileage on the pickup.  allow you to sell the pickup..  unfortunately.. most people are like . you will pry my cold dead hands off my steering wheel.  

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