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Overheating - 2001 Nissan Sentra 1.8

Just Try It1 Just Try It1
Moderator | Posts: 2796 | Joined: 08/14
Posted: 07/07/18
10:09 PM

the bleeder screw on a nissan sentra 1.8 is directly above the thermostat.. there is a bolt with several ground wires on it next to the bleed screw.. both have 10MM hex heads..  the bleeder screw is closer to the thermostat housing..

are your radiator fans working..

please pull the wiper washer bottle or the coolant overflow bottle..  down on top of the frame rail directly behind the radiator core support are another pair of ground wires that you need to unbolt.. take off and clean.. i think at least 1 of these down on top of the frame rail is the ground for the radiator fans.

the 2 or 3 on the head near the bleeder screw should also be taken off and both sides of the ring terminals wire brushed clean.. the surface cleaned .. the underside of the bolt heads cleaned.

the thermostat has a bleed hole with a giggle valve that also needs to go to the top.  or the engine will have trapped air ..

if the thermostat you installed was a Lower than OE temp.. by the time the fans come on. the thermsotat will be wide open and there won't be enough pressure from the water pump built up by the closed thermostat to push the coolant thru the heater core and hoses..  

i have always had terrible issues trying to bleed them.  has to be done engine running.. usually revved up..  i almost always have to take the bleeder bolt out first and clean out the passage and not loose the copper sealing washer.

please pull the engine oil fill cap and verify you don't have any milkshake or signs of coolant in the engine oil..

you can do an easy test to check for a blown head gasket..

cold engine.. remove the radiator cap.. place a piece of Saran wrap over the filler neck.  push a depression in the saran wrap. seal it in place with a rubber band.. squeeze the radiator hose to verify a seal..  start the cold engine for 15 seconds.  the depression in the saran wrap should NOT puff up.. if it does then you need to do a cylinder leak down test.. putting the saran wrap back on when doing it..  if the saran wrap inflates as soon as you apply compressed air to any of the cylinders you have proven a leaking head gasket or cracked combustion chamber.

 you could have debris on front of the condenser or radiator also blocking the air flow..

there is also a chance of the water pump impeller has failed... and is not circulating the coolant properly when the engine is sped up.  

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