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Add Mercedes benz W164 key by IR way

obdtool obdtool
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/15
Posted: 05/14/17
11:00 PM

Tasty.. Goldfish right out of the box.


Just Try It1 Just Try It1
Moderator | Posts: 2796 | Joined: 08/14
Posted: 05/15/17
05:20 AM

these are great machines.. one of them only $1,800 dollars.

except they allow bandits to possibly bypass the security system.  it also allows thieves to create new keys to your car they stole so they can sell it overseas or to some unsuspecting car buyer. or to thugs who want to do drive by shootings in.

only one out of a ten thousand benz owners would want to make their own keys.. most just drive to a dealer and request more keys to be added..

if people want your key programmer..  they can search it out on ebay or amazon.

so the moderators here who understand security.. will just keep removing these posts like we would bogus passport posts..  whats really interesting.. is some of those bogus passport posts come from virginia and maryland.. right where the FBI is.  others come from africa. they all get deleted..  

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