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2007 Kia Sendona P0171 P0174 disconnected air filter ducts

Ophilia535 Ophilia535
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 04/17
Posted: 04/22/17
10:07 PM


I have a 2007 Kia Sorento and lately it has been difficult to start and throwing codes P2187, P2189, P0171 and P0174 (all related to the system being too lean at idle

All of my research has indicated that this could be a great number of problems and probably the most costly part of the problem will be in getting it diagnosed. I am by no means a car expert but thought I would peek around my engine to see if anything looked cracked or loose in hopes of saving myself the $100/hr it will cost to have a mechanic do it. And just my luck, I think I spotted something. But I don't know what it is... could anyone identify this part for me?

Thank you in advance for any input!!




Just Try It1 Just Try It1
Moderator | Posts: 2796 | Joined: 08/14
Posted: 04/23/17
12:27 AM

try uploading those images to IMGUR.. make them an album by uploading all at once.. you should NOT make them public..  

click on the url and copy/paste it here..

or right click and copy the image address and you can paste those like you seem to know how to.

as far as i can tell. .those might have come right out of your google mail box.  

Ophilia535 Ophilia535
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 04/17
Posted: 04/23/17
06:13 AM

So, I am unable to delete the post or even change the now misleading title... A thousand apologies to anyone who clicks on this to find no pictures. I will try to get them back up as soon as I have the time.  

Just Try It1 Just Try It1
Moderator | Posts: 2796 | Joined: 08/14
Posted: 04/23/17
08:50 AM

looks like those air inlet ducts should be connected..

you will want to examine the other ducts also for cracks like was shown in the video..

if you have cracks or ducts that are disconnecting.. you will also want to check for broken motor mounts or torque struts..

since i rarely work on a KIA.  even though i used to live in korea town..  i am not very familiar with what is under the hood..  or if the disconnected hoses will effect the air metering system.. it measures air flow into the engine at the Mass air flow sensor.  MAF..

P0171 and P0174 are almost always vacuum or air intake leaks.

here is a parts page link to the air cleaner assembly.. hopefully this is the correct version for yours i see 2 different links item 17 is the air flow meter.. if there is a tear in boot 10.. you will have an issue.. there is also a hose to the side of hose 10.. that is probably connected to the one of the valve covers.. if that is disconnected.. or has a leak.. you will also set the same codes..

it almost looks like the parts were just tossed back in..  hope this helps..  

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