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Need Advice for Mom Who Is Selling Car

tyster66 tyster66
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 03/15
Posted: 03/09/15
04:37 PM


My 75-year-old mom needs to stop driving and wants to sell her car. She still owes about $7,000 on it and wants someone who can take over the rest of her payments.

She lives alone and I don't want strangers coming to her door, nor her having to sit in the car with them when they test drive it.

Does anyone know of a place that will sell the car for her and take away those types of hassles?

She lives in the city of Redlands, which is located in Southern California.

Any and all help with this would be greatly appreciated.  

Just Try It1 Just Try It1
Moderator | Posts: 2796 | Joined: 08/14
Posted: 03/09/15
05:40 PM

taking over the Car payments does NOT end her loan...

you may want to repost this over at  your user name and password work there also..

you can get places carmax to buy the car and pay it off....  please verify what it is worth before dealing with any body... do you or she still have AAA club.. they will have advisors that can give you honest opinions..

selling the car to somebody who wants to take over payments is NOT ADVISED that is usually a MASSIVE CON JOB and she will still be responsible..

you can also call after you have gotten advice from the lawyers at AAA  call the finance company..  warning.. if you call them first.. they might call the loan..  and reposses the car which can go on your mothers credit record.. might effect her ability to do stuff in the future..  please be sure to check all the various pockets in the doors and the seats for objects your mother may have stashed.  

Just Try It1 Just Try It1
Moderator | Posts: 2796 | Joined: 08/14
Posted: 03/09/15
05:48 PM

when the loan is payed off.. DON'T loose the reconveyance papers that come from the loan company that show the loan was paid off.  errors have been made in the past.. and verify with her bank.. that any automatic payments to the car loan have been stopped..  if she did not write a check out every month..

my mom (rip) drove up till she was 85.  a stick shift 70 ford pickup without power steering and without power brakes.  it was her favorite. it kept her strong.. man handling that truck around.  

frugalines frugalines
New User | Posts: 6 | Joined: 04/15
Posted: 04/25/15
07:21 AM

Thanks for advice G  

arhenry10 arhenry10
New User | Posts: 17 | Joined: 04/17
Posted: 04/19/17
12:33 AM

Impressive advice. Glad I came across this thread.  

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