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Pontiac G6 GXP Show Car

automotivejtm-#001 automotivejtm-#001
Guru | Posts: 1016 | Joined: 03/06
Posted: 04/03/06
11:01 AM

Lets give Pontiac some help.  Apparently they unveiled the g6 GXP and are wating to see what our opinions on these boards will be before they decide to release it.  I have already had many mixed opinions in the office about this car.  I personally like its exterior styling.  a mix between a g6 and a g35 coupe, not to risky.  The interior still looks cheap.  I am a fan of the gauge cluster, but thats about it.  Although I dont have exact dimensions, the steering wheel looks like it came off a school bus, the radio and HVAC controls and shift knob also look very cheap.  

So what does everybody want to say about this car.  Let Pontiac Know.  

joela joela
Guru | Posts: 1514 | Joined: 03/06
Posted: 04/04/06
09:17 AM

Pontiac, you were doing good until you unveiled Dracula's bling mobile. Ugh! I usually buy the top trim of a particular model but if the GXP makes it into production, I'll stick with the GTP version instead. Or buy a Honda Accord coupe.  

Carletti Carletti
New User | Posts: 46 | Joined: 06/06
Posted: 08/04/06
04:54 AM

Reservations about the G6 aside, the GXP version of the G6 transforms the exterior from an econobox Enterprise rental to a seemingly legitimate threat to the Si and GTI.  However, the problem with the GXP is its credibility.  Most who consider themselves privy to bargain performers recognize and respect the presence of the EVO's, Impreza's and the aforementioned Si's and GTI's.  These cars have a history, a storyline if you will that justifies the high prices affixed to these basically economical autos with performance parts.  The GXP has no credibility to seriously challenge these foundation cars.  In addition, the questions that some may have about the exterior styling of the GXP may relate themselves to the GXP's legitimacy.  Sure the rear diffuser looks great but is it functional?  Function before styling is central in this market to establish some kind of respectability.  However, this remains the central question with the GXP, and one that I think will determine its fate in the market.  Nonetheless, the GXP has very stiff competition from the cars already noted.  But if it's priced anywhere above $25,000 I don't think it will sell at all.  

CaptainObvious CaptainObvious
New User | Posts: 48 | Joined: 09/06
Posted: 09/09/06
01:54 PM

When I think of an coupe I think two seater. Most coupes come with a back seat and the name, coupe , I guess derives from the number of doors. I'd rather go with the solstice If I were looking for a coupe. Hands down ,regardless of the quality of parts, the Pontiac Solstice & Saturn Sky are the best *looking* compact coupes on the market. American and Foreign, ALL brands included.  

ilzush ilzush
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 09/06
Posted: 09/21/06
02:30 PM

If Pontiac would make this car RWD I would be one of the first to buy it.  It would be nice to see the GXP distance its self a little more from the GTP by upping the horse power closer to 300.  I've always been a fan of Pontiac, but in the last few years they have become rather bland.  I think this car has a lot of potential if done right (e.g. RWD).  Pontiac, make this car.  Make it compete with the 350Z/G35, Impreza, and RX-8.  I agree that the interior could use some work, but, to me the exterior look and being fun to drive is more important.  I'm 22 and I love cars; I represent what this car hopes to market to.  I think it looks great, just make it RWD.  

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