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Truck would not start until I used turn signal?!?!

iwishigotthetacoma iwishigotthetacoma
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 12/12
Posted: 12/26/12
05:56 PM

I have a 2006 Chevy Silverado 1ton w/ a v8 GAS Vortec . Automatic Tranny, non-duely. Yesterday evening I went to start the truck and nothing. I put the key in the ignition and turned it. All the lights came on and everything was normal. When engaging the ignition, the headlights go off (like normal) and then instead of starting, there is one single click from under the hood. I googled the problem and came up with a lot of things to check. The battery strength was great and I checked all connections and fuses. I was getting ready to do the hammer on the starter trick when I saw a post that caught my eye. Following the advice in the post, I checked to see what lights remained light up on the dash. There was only one after trying to start the truck. It was the little padlock/car symbol. I googled this issue and came up with a potential “fix”. I went back to the truck and TURNED ON THE RIGHT TURNSIGNAL BLINKER and tried the ignition with the BLINKER ON… yes, I said that right….With the blinker on.. The truck started right up and idled fine. I’ve started it several times now with out the blinker and it works. Any ideas why this happened? Is this the start of a bigger problem??  

waynep71222 waynep71222
Guru | Posts: 823 | Joined: 03/12
Posted: 12/26/12
06:32 PM

i have a question... and i can probably figure this out.. but i will have to study the wiring diagrams for that truck.. there are probably 300 pages of them... i need to look at probably 10 or 12 pages...

do you OWN a hand held digital volt meter???  i have some very easy test to run..

print this test and post the results..

i am thinking that the cables between the  battery and the underhood fuse/relay box may need to be cleaned... but lets check the rest of the system first..

print this chart below.. its an image...

VOLTAGE Drop Testing


post results by number..





iwishigotthetacoma iwishigotthetacoma
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 12/12
Posted: 12/26/12
07:40 PM

A: 12.21
1: 14.46
2-4: 0.0

Thanks for any help you can give!!  Laugh  

waynep71222 waynep71222
Guru | Posts: 823 | Joined: 03/12
Posted: 12/26/12
07:48 PM

you will want to print this image also.. its a 2005.. truck starting circuit diagram ..

if you look at the top center.. you will see the starter relay.. its in the relay box under the hood..
you might open your owners manual and locate the starter relay position.. either open the relay and inspect the contacts ... or view it with it plugged back in but the cover off..  have somebody operating the ignition switch..

if you squeeze the contacts closed the engine will crank...

if you follow the diagram .. you will see that the PCM controls the negative side of the coil winding..
the positive side of the relay is controlled by the neutral safety switch with switched power through the ignition switch..  the switch is off the side of the diagram...  there are a LOT of diagrams..

see if the relay is operating when it fails to start..   PLEASE USE EXTREME care to know which circuit you are probing if you go in with a test light.. use a LOGIC PROBE with LEDS or a DIGITAL volt meter.. not a conventional test light...  excessive amp load from the conventional test light bulb will blow out the PCM driver circuit and ruin your cars computer system..

i worry that the onboard alarm system is acting up...   if the passlock light is staying on. there is an issue...  it may set a code in the B1545 area...

2005Gmtruckgas Starting  

iwishigotthetacoma iwishigotthetacoma
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 12/12
Posted: 01/02/13
12:38 AM

Wayne, first off let me say THANK YOU very much for your help! So far it hasnt happened again. Im still worried about it though. I dont quite understand what it is that you want me to test. What settings would I use on a volt meter? I am NOT a mechanic by anymeans so any extra advice would be awesome. Thanks again!  

waynep71222 waynep71222
Guru | Posts: 823 | Joined: 03/12
Posted: 01/03/13
04:13 PM

print the diagram above.. you cannot see all of it..

if you have more troubles... post here...

i check in a few times each day...  

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