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91 se automatic overheating problem

DavidCrevenston DavidCrevenston
New User | Posts: 32 | Joined: 02/10
Posted: 09/28/12
01:05 AM

Hello to all on here you guys have helped me out before so thanks to all.  I am having the temp gauge go above the 1/2 mark and it almost goes in the red.  I am guessing here that something is majorly wrong like the head gasket is going.  My friend had one go on his Honda and he drove it and overheated it.  I need some help here as to what is going on and what could cause this problem.  Also wanted to add sometimes I smell gas in the oil I am sure that has something to do with this please advise me.  I don’t smell gas in the oil all the time though.  Also sometimes the car takes a while to start like it has a hard start instead of starting/firing up right away.  

Okay so here are some things that have been done to eliminate some things....
Spark plugs changed, coolant changed and good, fans and everything on the car works in perfect order, new distributor, new belts and oil just changed.
With that being said can someone please chime in on what this could be and what I can do (options) to fix this.  
The car is 91 se 140k on it in great condition.  

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