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4l60e wont take off in drive

nowhereguy nowhereguy
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 06/12
Posted: 06/26/12
06:39 PM

I just rebuilt a 4l60e, first one, the problem I'm having is if I try to take off form a dead stop in drive it just slips but if I take off in low or 2nd and shift it manually to drive it runs thru all the gears fine even back to the lower gears automatically while slowing but if making a full stop it wont take off in drive again.  

Boone1 Boone1
User | Posts: 94 | Joined: 02/12
Posted: 06/27/12
02:43 AM

If you're saying that the vehicle does not move unless you pull it down in manual 1st or 2nd then you have the input sprag in backwards or it is broken- freewheels in both directions.  It should lock one way and freewheel other way.  If you're holding the large part in the palm of your hand with the small part facing up, the small part should turn clockwise and lock counterclockwise.  

440t4 440t4
Guru | Posts: 1009 | Joined: 04/09
Posted: 06/27/12
10:22 AM

Like Boone1 said if you didn't change the sprag in the main drum then it is no good if you did change it then you put it in backwards. Pull that trans back out.  

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