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fluid for A-518

pjc360 pjc360
New User | Posts: 20 | Joined: 07/12
Posted: 07/21/12
04:58 PM

Just wondering what you guys would recomend for transmission fluid for a non lock up A-518 in a 91 power ram? I am not going to use ATF+4 because i have been told it makes for real sloppy shifts because of all of the friction modifyers in it, plus i have a non lock up wich is what +4 was made for, if what i hear is correct anyways.
I have been thinking about running type f or dexronIII or even the newer dexronVI because its a synthetic, and i have also looked at the valvoline maxlife ATF wich is also a synthetic.
I drive the truck in the mountains alot, climb alot of hills and sometimes travel but not very far. So what would be my best option out of type f, dexronIII, dexronVI or the maxlife atf?
I wanna choose the fluid thats going to protect the best against heat and have the best lubricating ability. One company is making a synthetic type f and it is about 12 bucks a qaurt, i really am thnking about running it tho.  

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