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Tips for using winter tyres

hollysurly hollysurly
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/12
Posted: 07/17/12
03:59 AM

1. Why winter tyres?
When the temperature is below 7 degrees Celsius winter tyres require a shorter braking distance on wet surfaces than summer tyres. In addition, the rubber compound of winter tyres retains more elasticity at lower temperatures, guaranteeing the best possible grip on snow and ice. By comparison, the rubber used in summer tyres stiffens and loses its grip. Moreover, high-tech winter tyres are every bit as quiet, comfortable and wear-resistant as summer tyres.

2. When to fit winter tyres
In deciding when to fit winter tyres, it is important not only to consider the chances of bad weather conditions, but also to observe when the average temperature falls below 7 degrees Celsius. In north-western Europe, this means that the right time to fit winter tyres is at the end of September, and its best to keep them until April. An easy rule to remember is that you should be using winter tyres when there is an ‘r’ in the name of the month.

3. Storing summer tyres
When storing summer tyres on rims, we advise the following. First clean the tyres and wheels thoroughly with water and allow them to completely dry. After that, store them hanging up or lying down flat (you can put up to four tyres in a stack), whereby the tyre pressure is raised to 40 psi. Remember to mark the wheel position on the tyres so you know which is which when refitting. Do not let the tyres come into contact with chemicals or petroleum products. Store them in a dark, cool environment.

4. Fitting two or four winter tyres
Winter tyres enhance your safety through improved tread rubber that always guarantees optimal grip, even at low temperatures. Therefore, it is not advisable to drive with only two winter tyres fitted on the drive axel. Doing so can lead to a lack of stability, please see our winter video section for further info.

5. Pressure in winter tyres
It is not necessary to inflate winter tyres differently than you would summer tyres. It is important to check your tyre pressures every two weeks, and to do so while the tyres are cold.

6. Using snow chains

The use of snow chains can be compulsatory in assertive areas. If you should be complex in an blow and haven’t adapted snow chains, you could be captivated liable. With winter tyres, however, snow chains are generally unnecessary. You should accordingly yield them off as anon as accessible in adjustment to adore abundant smoother active and anticipate abrasion on snow chains and roads.

7. Active with a lower acceleration code

In abounding European countries, winter tyres (with a snowflake symbol) can be acclimated with a lower acceleration code. It is in actuality accepted convenance to go for a lower acceleration rated tyre in the winter. As continued as you do not drive over the acceleration that the tyre is able you will not accept any problems.

8. Active in the winter

Driving on snow and ice requires you to acclimate your appearance of driving. If accelerating, for instance, don’t use too abundant gas; dispatch up too abruptly can could cause the auto to blooper and you to apart control. It is bigger to calmly change into a college accessory to abate the drive on the wheels. Taking aeroembolism and braking aswell has to be bit-by-bit in adjustment to anticipate bottomward and caster locking. Try to apathetic down as abundant as possible. While traveling down a slope, you can abatement caster locking while braking by alteration apparatus late. Conversely, while traveling uphill, alteration into a college accessory eventually than accepted will abatement the adventitious of slipping.

9. Winter car equipment

It is important to adapt your absolute car for bad acclimate conditions. This acutely includes applicable winter tyres, but aswell blockage up on the battery, oil and coolant levels, as able-bodied as the added caster pressure. Remember to accompany window and lock de-icer (don’t accumulate them central the car) if driving, and if abrogation the car, to abode the wipers in their cocked position abroad for the windscreen, so that they don’t freeze. It is aswell appropriate to accumulate jump leads and a towing cable. Finally, don’t alternate to accept your car done added generally than accepted – the alkali acclimated on icy anchorage is bad for your car physique as able-bodied as the tyres.

10. Footstep array of winter tyres

Winter tyres with beneath than 3mm of footstep actual can no best agreement optimal achievement on snow and ice. We admonish you not to re-use such tyres for the next winter season. In assertive European countries, tyres are no best advised winter tyres if their footstep has become beneath than 4mm, buck this in apperception if active in countries area winter tyres are compulsatory (Scandinavian countries, Germany & Austria).

11. Winter runflat tyres

We can accumulation assertive winter sizes of winter runlfat tyres, although absolutely big-ticket these do action the added assurance of not accident appearance if a accident of burden occurs. Abounding of our barter adjudge to move abroad from runflats for winter, abnormally if purchasing one of our caster and tyre packages. If you would like to do this again we can action a mini compressor and adjustment cream in case you get a break and accept no added wheel. If you currently use runflats and are because alteration to approved tyres again all 4 tyres on the car have to be changed.
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hilaryjohnson hilaryjohnson
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 12/12
Posted: 12/12/12
12:25 AM

For winter weather driving, a general rule is the more tread depth, the better. A tire's minimum tread depth should be more than 2/32 of an inch deep all around the tire. Winter snow tires area unit created specifically for winter, and area unit specialised to handle the seasons during a fashion that, many times, regular tires cannot.
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Tami.P6 Tami.P6
New User | Posts: 28 | Joined: 01/13
Posted: 01/30/13
09:38 AM

Winter tyres are very useful in winter. Main advantages of winter tyres are:
* The braking distance improves on wet roads.
* The braking distance improves on icy roads
* The braking distance improves on snowy roads.
You can also use winter tyres in summer. But  if you want to use on set of tyres for throughout the year then winter tyres would be the first choice.  
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RowanOrg RowanOrg
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 03/13
Posted: 03/29/13
10:37 AM

It is difficult in my climate, where it is warm in the summertime and cold in the winter. Seems like the typical tire that is designed for either extreme doesn't tend to do well in both.

I actually found a guy at my local Rimco store who was able to steer me in the right direction. See if there is one near you & maybe you could ge the same type of assistance.

If not, I am sure that there are other great people in your area who would point you in the right direction, or reply on some of the expertise in a forum like this.  

wayne712222 wayne712222
Guru | Posts: 1856 | Joined: 03/13
Posted: 03/30/13
08:28 AM

there are also some other options for ICE conditions...


and then the next generation snow chains

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wrobbin wrobbin
New User | Posts: 5 | Joined: 06/13
Posted: 06/17/13
02:05 AM

There are few things to keep in mind when shopping for winter tires. In most cases, you should consider purchasing separate rims for your snow tires. This will save you the time and costs involved in changing over and balancing the winter tires onto your existing rims.

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