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2013 Ford Explorer Ecoboost-review

alfa170a alfa170a
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 04/12
Posted: 04/15/12
05:05 PM

Let me start this review by explaining why I chose this vehicle.
My wife and I have decided we need a 7 seat car for the family.
With today gas prices I wanted a vehicle that will be as easy as possible on gas so I wanted only as mall or the smallest 4 cylinder engine I can find and afford.
All the minivans with 7 seat come with 6 cylinders so from what I found the Dodge Journey and Chevy Orlando with their 7 seat and 2.4L engine and affordable price tags were myoptions but my wife after sitting in the third row said it’s too small for my teenage kids so I decided to check the Ford dealership.
The Explorer did fit the bill with 4 cylinder and ample space and after a lot of negotiation we decidedwe will get this COSUV (Crossover SUV).
To those who think the V6 3.5L is better than the Ecoboost especially that it’s a grand cheaper I say you might be right but I find the fuel consumption is worth it.
So let me start by telling you the moment I saw the design of the Explorer I fell in love with it, its abig honking SUV and pretty heavy with about 2 metric tons of weight to carryaround.
It feels solid andimpressive and I get a lot of positive feedback on the design of this SUV.
I got the Base model, Iwould love to buy the XLT which is the middle model or the Limited but alas asit was I stretched my budget and couldn't afford it but to my joy there isenough in this base model to satisfy all my needs and more.
Inside the Explorer is verybig, it will welcome 7 people with comfort and the third row will easily take 2people that will sit there very comfortably.
While the 3rd row is up-thereis still enough space behind it to put the shopping bags after shopping.
This modern American made vehicle is very different then American made cars from 10 years ago. Slap aToyota or VW sticker on it and people will nod their head in agreement, the overallquality is excellent in, my non professional opinion it’s very close toJapanese quality, its still not there but its very close.
Its solid very quiet andjust feels good.
I start the engine and allyou get is a little hum, I am loving it.
I put the stick into D andpress the pedal, the ride is very quiet and the body absorbs the road withease. Forget the old up and down soggy motions of past American cars, this vehicle is stiff while absorbing the road like a champ, well to be honest its even a bit too stiff for me and I wouldn't have a problem if Ford would calibrate it to be just a tad softer but that's just nitpicking.
So to all those who ask-Well can this little 2L Turbo charged engine move this big beast ?
The answer is absolutely!!!
The first thing that struck me was how much power it has in the low RPM, at what ease this small engine will move this SUV, at 1000rpm I lightly touch the accelerator and the Explorer will react with no hesitation or signs of weakness, this is good and important if you want to drive and save gas without opening up the turbo, this engine simply feels like a big engine.
If you want to have strong accelerations this engine will fly up the RPM range with hunger and persistent of a champion how much fun, its revving up so fast and feels beefy and strong, much strong then one would expect from such a small engine.
The Explorer comes with a 6 speed auto gear with no manual control and that’s a shame, when pressing the pedal all the way down there is a small hesitation before the gear will go one or even two gears down, it is a split second but I expected it to be faster,not a big problem but I wish it was faster.
I don’t know how Fords engineers did it but from low rev the engine feels beefy and muscular and ithas 10% more torque then its bigger brother but it has 50 BHP less (240 BHP)
This is an air cooled Turbocharger so it doesn’t need any special servicing which makes the servicing simpler and cheaper. It’s my first time owning a turbo charged engine and I am glad new technology makes it easy and efficient to maintain.
Do you like towing ?
Well the bad news is that the Ecoboost can tow about half of what his bigger brother can but it’s not aproblem for me because I don’t tow so for me it’s a completely theoretical debate.
Last and most importantlythe fuel consumtion.
I have filled the tank when I got the Explorer and drove only inside the city now just finished the first tank and it shows 11.1L per 100 KM.
I have only 600KM on the odometer so I am sure in few thousand kilometers the fuel consumption will improve.

So bottom line I am loving mynew Explorer it’s a fantastic SUV, big, impressive, well made, has a great ride, comfortable, more than enough power both in low and high RPM and is reasonable on gas and my only wish is that it would have came with the AWD option  

henry.budd henry.budd
Enthusiast | Posts: 254 | Joined: 01/12
Posted: 11/19/12
10:44 PM

I believe you should go with Ford Explorer. This car is a nice and comfortable SUV. The gas mileage is good compared to its size. Safety features is outstanding and also reliable in the snow.

Alan Chan Alan Chan
New User | Posts: 13 | Joined: 11/14
Posted: 11/24/14
03:25 AM

your best choice  

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