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trenae73 trenae73
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Posted: 04/26/12
11:01 AM

I recently purchased a 2003 Nissan Xterra from Autos Direct Online. I love, love, love the car and absolutely loved the price. My saleman, Jason Stephens was great, It seemed as if he was a newbie but learning the ropes nicely. I initially called in the AM to schedule a time to check out the car on my lunch break, as I only work right down the street. When I arrived it was extremely busy, somewhat chaotic but I assumed they were moving a lot of cars, which is a good thing. Jason S set me up and I test drove the vehicle. There were some things that I wanted to have corrected before purchasing and we pointed them out( my husband and I). I put a deposit down and was advised that the vehicle would be sent off for some minor repairs that I wanted corrected and would be ready for delivery in about 5-7 days. Well, the week went by and I was still waiting but since it was a holiday weekend, I understood to give it more time. In the mean time I sold my vehicle in effort to help in the payment of my new SUV as I was paying cash. I called a couple times during the following week and left a few messages. Long story short...two weeks later, I received the call that my vehicle was ready. We made arrangements and I went to test drive the car again. I drove wonderfully. All the things that we pointed out to be repaired, were repaired. The office was still chaotic but almost everyone was personable. Jason S, my saleman, rocked it out! He was working with me and someone else but made the transition between the two flawless. I would recommend Jason as a salesman, he'll look out for you...very down to earth with no high sales pitch. Not like your normal dealership but value is second to none. Thanks Jason,
Tasha D.  

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