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Kimbermac1 Kimbermac1
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 04/12
Posted: 04/20/12
03:48 PM

Bought a Nissan Xterra from autos direct online.  Check engine dummy light on when I test drove it.  Juan promised it was just an o2 sensor and it would be fixed when I picked it up.  That was 2/20/12.  Picked up 2/24/12 after a 2 hour drive back to the dealer.  On the way home the check engine light came back on and after you got up to 35 mph it was like you were driving on rumble strips.  Called Juan the next day who told me to have a diagnostic done and call him back.  I found out not only the o2 sensors were bad, but the front brakes were shot and it had bad u joints.  Took it back 2 hours away for them to fix it.  They did do the brakes and u joint and the check engine light was off when I picked it up a few days later.  AGAIN on the way home the check engine light came back on.  I called Juan several times.  He told me not to worry about it they would take care of it.  Numerous calls later along with being referred to Nikki the service mgr. who stated they would pay for the o2 sensors the return calls from them stopped and they quit answering my calls.  So here I sit with an Xterra that has bad o2 sensors that were supposed to be fixed before I bought the vehicle in the first place.  My advice.....GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING BEFOR YOU BUY FROM THEM!!!!  

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