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1992 Chevy K2500 4x4 5.7L engine No Start

SearsGuyInTown SearsGuyInTown
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 03/06
Posted: 03/16/06
10:16 AM

good evening everyone. I have a friends 1992 Chevy K2500 4
wheel drive pickup with the 5.7 (350) engine. It came to me by
way of a co worker from the local Ford Dealer who replaced the
intake manifold gasket due to a coolant leak and the ignition
module 'cause he broke a plastic piece off and the connecter
wouldnt stay on. the mechanic friend states that everything
went well and started up fine. it ran for 40 miles then died
(like you just turned the key off) he tows it to my work about
an hour and a half ago. since I am a very busy man and the
drive tech's in my shop are SWAMPED so it's a bit slow getting
help from them but I will try, I didn't take much time to look
at it but I will do more in depth investigating tomorrow
morning. but what I did find is when it does run it has
perfect injector spray pattern, dead on timing and spark and
has 13 psi of fuel pressure. but this is where it gets weird.
you can turn the key over and all it does is spin over and
over and over. spray some carb cleaner into the throttle body
and the truck starts up and runs flawlessly until you turn the
key off then try to restart and no start up again unless you
spray carb cleaner in. I admit I'm not too knowledgeable on
these GM fuel systems (I'm a GM front end/suspension guy)and
any help would be greatly appreciated spraying carb cleaner in throttle body wont do a thing now. I purchased a brand new GM Performance Parts Distributor that Stan Jones suggested (also tried an aftermarket A1 Cardone dist. that I was able to return thankfully) along with the Ignition Coil, plugs, plug wires, (all ac delco brand from the Dealer) cleaned throttle body with air intake cleaner, replaced fuel filter, replaced fuel pump relay, oil sending unit, and coolant temp sensor as some suggested. using the snap on scan tool, coolant temp is at 88 degrees with the key on. a/c voltage with distributor out of truck is 1 volt exactly. with the noid light attached, it flashes like it should. fuel pressure while cranking is 13 psi and oil pressure is 30 psi. (with hand held pressure tester installed and with the gauge in the dash in the truck) there are 2 connections on the intake manifold where grounds should be and they are there and very clean and making contact. I did find one connector near the tstat housing with 2 round terminals 1 wire is pink/black with batt voltage to it with key on and the other is brown with no voltage to it with key on. I must be really blind but I can't find anything to connect this to. I have run into a few of these for no starting problem but this one is making me pull my hair out!! any help would be grrrrrrrrrreatly appreciated  

Rapid Robert Rapid Robert
Enthusiast | Posts: 328 | Joined: 01/06
Posted: 03/16/06
02:03 PM

Have you looked up in a repair manual, what that sensor is? might be an engine coolant temp sensor.  

autofanatic autofanatic
New User | Posts: 13 | Joined: 01/07
Posted: 02/06/08
06:46 PM

I would suspect an intake manifold leak like gaskets and boots leaking. A possibility of a plugged idle circuit in your carburetor cannot be discounted as well. Don't forget to inspect some of the basics like for example the ignition wires, cap and rotors, etc.. I am in a similar situation before. I also tried A1 Cardone Cardone select ignition distributor and it alleviates the problem but still the starting issue came back until a mechanic friend was able to diagnose contact point issues concerning the fuel filter, spark plug and condenser.

Though I am not that much confident regarding this issues as well I hope this could be of help even for a bit.  

NightTurkey NightTurkey
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 06/09
Posted: 06/09/09
06:07 PM

I have the same problem. 92 2 wheel drive 2500. 5.7L Thought it was the fuel pump but after i towed it home and sat a few days i thought i would give it a try, fired right up then died about a min later. Been tracing with a multi-meter for low, or no voltage. I hope its not the fuel pump. relay seems to be working fine.  

Fuel pump is priming. i have spark. but just cranks. If anyone can point me to a online read-only version of the repair manual i would be grateful.  

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