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FORD Explorer 98'

A.Svieri A.Svieri
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 12/11
Posted: 12/21/11
05:05 PM

Good day,

First, I know the car is old, but it still do what I need and gives no trouble, until now. Company gave me the car. And everything has been working fine, until one time I was driving and had to stop at a red light, so I pull brakes as I normally would and when I come to a halt, engine switches off. I switched to Parking and try to turn it on again and everything fine. A few days later, the car did the same thing twice (different moments, same day), and yesterday it happened a lot, and these last 2 times i was pulling brakes and before I came to a halt the car had already turned off. Nothing else stops working. It's like it suffers a quick blackout. Any suggestiones as to why this happens?  

waynep7122 waynep7122
Addict | Posts: 4545 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 12/21/11
05:55 PM

there is usually a big plastic cover on top of that motor...

under that you will find the throttle body...   on top of the throttle body you will find the idle air control valve...

you did not mention which of the 3 possible motors you might have

they look like this..

take an 8MM socket or 5/16 socket to remove and replace..

this is probably what's causing your stalling..

there are several other things it could be.. including a dirty throttle body.. as you might want to wipe out the throttle body bore also .. its usually coated.. so you probably don't want to spray anything into it..  and don't spray it where you might get carb or brake cleaner in the throttle position sensor. .

i would also...   with the upper cover off..   the engine idling..  i would listen and then feel the various finger  diameter hose elbows around the intake and throttle body..  some of them have vacuum elbows that have gotten soft and collapse when the engine is running..  you will be able to feel it..  as instead of a ()  in one section you will feel (( where one side of the elbow has collapsed in from the vacuum.. there are molded vacuum hoses from dorman.. that i have used many times to replace ford vacuum hose elbows..

this is dorman #46002..

i cut these into 2.. after matching them as one is longer than the other on some applications..  

A.Svieri A.Svieri
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 12/11
Posted: 12/27/11
07:22 AM

Thanks for the reply bro. I did what you said, but I couldn't solve it. Already took it to a mechanic to have it checked. Thanks for the help tho.  

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