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Could use some advice about my situation.

michael4422 michael4422
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 12/11
Posted: 12/05/11
11:56 AM

Hi. Need some buying advice please.

I'm about to buy a 2012 Hyundai Elantra GLS from a dealership that treated me like complete crap. (Dennis Hyundai, Columbus, OH) It was a nightmare of lies and deception. Now I'm thinking about stoping my downpayment check and going to another dealership all together. Maybe they can honor my original agreement with them which was $700 dollars cheaper than I eventually settled on after getting beat up in the negotiations process. Long story for another time.

They are currently driving my new car from another city. I don't know where or how many miles they will put on it.  I'm not sure what is acceptable. 500? What do you think? I'm just so sick of my experience yesterday and don't even want to talk to them or go back.

So I'm thinking: stop the check, call and tell them I'm not buying it and starting over with a new dealership with all that I have learned. Now I know what I want with the options and I have solid info from Edmunds and

Or maybe I'm overreacting. I think it's a fair deal over all, $19733 out the door with only the floor mats. The original deal was $19400 out the door with Super poly steel.

Any thoughts or advice would be really appreciated. I'm kind of at wits end and not sure the smart tact.


I should also clarify that they wanted the check as down payment so that the could go get the car but they haven't cashed it and I haven't signed anything. 10,000 will be financed.  

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