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1996 Honda Won't start, narrowed it down but...

aleeterninja aleeterninja
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 08/11
Posted: 08/13/11
07:54 AM

Alright, this morning when I was going to leave my car made a bit of a whineing noise when it was starting up then nothing. It won't start up at all; no sounds or anything, even though last night the car worked fine. I'm not sure if its the starter or the starter relay and I dont want to spend the extra money to pay somebody to look at or run a car diagnostics. If anyone can help me with this please do.  

waynep7122 waynep7122
Addict | Posts: 4545 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 08/13/11
08:46 AM

could the battery be dead?

could the battery cable ends be dirty..?     why not take a gallon of HOT tap water..    a 10MM wrench and a wire brush or scotch brite pad ,    take the battery cables off the top of the battery. pour hot water across them and then wire brush them clean..    pour more hot water and then reconnect..

see if that cures the problem..     i don't use baking soda as it can get into the battery through the tiny gap between the post and the plastic top and it will neutralize the battery...      hot water does a great job..  much better than cold water..

the squealing noise you heard could have been the batteries last life... my van battery did the same kind of noise..    but clean the cables first..

after cleaning.. do the headlights come on???     do they dim or go completely out when you try to crank the engine????

do they come back on when you release the key..    one thing.. this may prove false.. as your year of honda might normally shut off the headlights when cranking.. i am not sure..

but dirty battery terminals are the first place everybody should check...  

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