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Out the door cost of a used car?

CrossStealth CrossStealth
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/11
Posted: 10/17/11
12:57 AM

Im looking to buy a used car. I was looking at a 2007 Honda Element. I was offered the price of $13,999. The car has 42k. First off is that a good deal? My credit score is 742 and I was asked to put down 2500 and then pay 285 a month for 60 months. This brings the total cost to $19600. So that brings the fees over 5k. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to reduce them?

Appreciate any help. Thanks!

I am new to buying cars and am on a very limited income as I work at Applebees and live on my own. I just find it odd to see so much money added from cost of the car to final cost. Its like buying a Hamburger for 10 dollars and the last second 7 dollars in taxes gets added to the deal casually.

Advise me please!  

AddsionPaul AddsionPaul
New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 12/11
Posted: 12/06/11
11:13 PM

To buy the used car is the good option for those for whom to for the new one is not possible due top the low income. But I think that there is no any harm to go for the used one, because now a days there are many online sites offers a good quality used cars at very affordable price and even you can bid for it  in few sites also. Only the thing is to require is to do a little bit search.  

EuroWheels EuroWheels
New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 05/12
Posted: 05/08/12
02:25 PM


  You probably bought a vehicle already, and if you did congratulations. If you haven't though, I have a great deal right now for something better than what you were looking for.
 I am currently selling a brand new 2009 Honda CRV LX with ONLY 5,000 miles on it, fully-loaded, with back-up camera on the rear view mirror, clear title, and all the works for only $18,000. A MUST-SEE and a MUST-BUY...Email me if interested or if you know anyone who is. I have other vehicles too if interested. Thank you in advance.

Rich Roman  

henry.budd henry.budd
Enthusiast | Posts: 256 | Joined: 01/12
Posted: 08/28/12
11:12 PM

I think this deal is not a worth while. The price you are paying for a used car is too much even if that car is only 45k so far. I am suggesting you genuinely to do little bit more research on other options and then decide. You can look for local car dealer(registered only), other wise craigslist is also a good option for an online searching...good luck!  

FireBal989 FireBal989
New User | Posts: 15 | Joined: 09/12
Posted: 09/01/12
07:27 PM

To be honest they're overcharging you, that's a good used car, but they probably got it in for $7,000 to $8,000.  Check the KBB for the Trade-In value, and don't pay much more than that.  If they got it in for around $8,000, offer them $500 or $1,000 more max.  Every business has to make money, but they shouldn't be making a ton off you  Smile  
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NikaWoren NikaWoren
New User | Posts: 36 | Joined: 09/12
Posted: 09/17/12
04:27 AM

Hi everyone.

Can please give me an advice. Not long time ago I gave a birth to the
second child in our family and now we are thinking of buying a family car.  My budget is a $25.000.
Now my dilemma, I don't know much about cars and have only every purchased VW. The problem is that VWs are really expensive and don't meet our needs. After doing quite a bit of research we have narrowed down our search to the following 3 vehicles:

2012 Honda CR-V 2.4L
2013 Ford Escape 2.0L EcoBoost
2012 Chevrolet Equinox 2.4L

What can you say about  these vehicles? I would appreciate any recommendations regarding the cars above and would value the input of owners with these cars already.

Also I've found the website and  it offers these cars at the price, which is lower than dealers' offers in  my state. Can I trust them though? Is there anybody who dealt with them?

Thanks for your time.  

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