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2002 Chevy Silverado V8

gman001 gman001
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 07/11
Posted: 07/19/11
09:34 AM

My Silverado wont start. Not even a noise when I turn the key. Battery is good. I jumped it this morning and it started after a bit. This didn't happen all of a sudden. It's been acting like this for a few months but after a few turn of the key it would start. It would drag but would eventually start. But now, nothing.  

waynep7122 waynep7122
Addict | Posts: 4547 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 07/19/11
10:56 AM

a few things....

disconnect and clean the battery cables with hot water and a wire tooth brush after you pry/unscrew the bolts from the rubber ends...   there have been multiple problems there..

these trucks are wired slightly differently...

the positive battery cable has several wires splitting off...

a big one goes from the positive battery post to the starter...    with the battery disconnected.. check the connection at the starter solenoid... its accessible above the frame through the wheel opening..  i have found several loose...

a medium  cable goes across to the under hood relay box over by the master cylinder...    when you turn the key...  there is a starter relay in that box that is controlled by the key..  this when the key is turned to the cranking position sends power to the starter solenoid  to crank the engine...     the COMPUTER controls part of the starter relay... allowing it to operate ONLY when the transmission is in park or neutral... or with the clutch pedal down..

you can if you have the owners manual that came in the glove box...   you can then identify the location of the starter relay in the box near the master cylinder. remove the relay...  gently pry the cover off.. put the open relay back into the proper location.. and close the contacts to see if the starter actually does work properly... that bypasses the key and the computer.. please DO NOT GO PROBING around in the relay box.. if you probe the wire back to the computer .. you can damage the components in the computer..

i have also had the mini starters that these trucks use fail....
when the starter drags.. like you describe.. it could be dirty cables...  or loose cables.. either at the battery . at the starter solenoid or on the bottom front of the block where the ground battery cable is attached..

bad ignition switches are also cropping up...   i just changed one on a 98 C2500... what a chore...  not impossible... but it required some special tools..   steering wheel puller..   lock plate depressor...  a special tool to unscrew the hidden reverse torx screws.. that hold the column shroud halfs together and the switch to the lock housing.. along with conventional torx drivers. and a 7 and 8 mm nut driver and socket...     there are also hard to disconnect wires from the side of the harness..  that have to be disconnected...  

the last truck i did this on.. i actually opened the switch.. contacts are easily cleaned and reinstalled..  but the return spring in this one had 200K miles on it.. and would NOT properly return the switch and the lock cylinder to the proper rotational angle for the center of the run position...   causing the truck to stall once in a while...   be sure to price these ignitions switches around.. prices vary almost 100 bucks depending on which brand or where you buy them..   from about 100 to 240 bucks..

if you have a digital volt meter.. and they are cheep... post that you do.. i can post a test..  on how to test the system for dirty connections while its running...

and please post which engine you have..   and the exact model...  

carwra carwra
New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 07/11
Posted: 07/23/11
02:46 AM

That was also been my problem before. I think this post can help you.  
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royal43 royal43
New User | Posts: 8 | Joined: 07/11
Posted: 07/25/11
09:43 AM

Try a different key, they are known to go bad.  

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