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My car wont start (It wont turn over at all)

haphhhazard haphhhazard
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 03/11
Posted: 03/30/11
08:21 AM

About a year ago, my 1999 Saturn SL-2 decided not to start. More precisely,  it wouldn't turn over at all. There was no clicking, no weak cranking, no lights on the dash dimming down when I tried to start it ( All of these are indications of a low or dead battery, bad battery connection, or possibly a starter/ starter solenoid problem)
I was convinced it had something to do with my anti-theft system because that acted up right before the car wouldn't start.  I ended up taking it to Saturn. They told me it was indeed related to the anti-theft system, and if--- yes "IF"--- they still made the part it would have been close to a 1000.00$  fix.  But they didn't have the part, so the mechanic cleaned the terminals to this faulty part and the car worked fine for about a year.  Cut to yesterday. Car will not start again.  Same weird anti-theft stuff also occurring at the same time. I am BROKE right now and can't afford to drive it into a Saturn repair facility and hand them a blank check. I can't afford to scrap this car which, otherwise, works just fine, but if I can't rely on it to start, what am I to do.  
I started researching on the internet, and after an hour or two, I came to a forum that discussed faulty PassKEY and Passlock Systems in GM cars.  Apparently this is a fairly common occurrence  in older GM cars.  This gentleman has figured out a way to fix the problem for good, and it doesn't cost anywhere near the 1000 dollars.  I just ordered it today.  I posted this for the other folks out there who I see are having a very similar problem, and were told to look at their starters, or batteries. More cost without a fix. I will post again when and hopefully if, this fix, fixes my car.
Good luck with your problem. I hope this site can help you:  

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