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2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid GONE HAYWIRE

porjohn porjohn
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 05/11
Posted: 05/02/11
10:40 AM

I have had my 2006 Highlander Hybrid for 4 years now (79k miles) and have had no trouble with it until January of this year when the dashboard lit up like a Las Vegas casino and displayed "check hybrid system." I took it into the dealership and after 4 days they concluded that the battery (not the hybrid batteries) needed to be replaced as well as the connections to it. So be it. Back to normal.
Skipping ahead to April, once again I win the Dashboard Jackpot and all the warning lights are lit up, the engine temp gauge doesn't work, the outside temp only reads E, and the only window that works is the driver's side. I once again took it back to the dealership where after two days they concluded that it was probably caused by a loose knob on my A/C control. They cleared the codes and things were back to normal... for 10 days.
Yesterday, the exact same problem re-occured. Does anyone have any experience or information on this? It would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the codes that came up (in order on the report):

P3108, U0146, P3108-594, C1310, b1211, B1214, B1262, B1271, B1273, B1273, B1293, B1200, B1214, B1262, B1271, B1273

Here is a look at the dashboard casino:


Thank you!


waynep7122 waynep7122
Addict | Posts: 4545 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 05/02/11
03:18 PM

john... i am sorry.. i am not going to touch this one...  i don't have the proper info to give you a good and proper answer...

spend the money on a FACTORY service manual... not a chiltons or haynes... the big thick one from the toyota dealer...

i see you posted codes...  but.. are the codes current.. or are they what they fixed... so you will need to access fresh codes...

you have several choices in scan tools...  a harbor freight 98614.. that will read the P0000 codes...   but you are going to need to buy a professional model scan tool.. the least expensive model that will do it is the OTC 3499N...     its a good deal and can be had for just under 500 bucks..  and will come in handy for years to come...

the trick about each code..    many times.. some data will be stored when the code set... so you can see what the car was doing at the time the code set...  makes it much simpler to diagnose ..

i should inform you that.. many of those items are CAN (controller area network ) controlled.. where when you work a switch.. it sends a digital request to the PCM and the PCM thinks about it and sends a command out to the controller for that item...

there is just so much to know.. and so much to test...  please DON"T go probing around...  

one thing...   has anybody installed any accessory...  like an adaptor for the Ipod to play through the stereo system.. or for a cell phone through the onboard system.. an additional car alarm.. a remote starter system..

you will have to understand... everything is hooked together...

with a scan tool... i would start by looking at EVERY computer controlled circuit... verify that its working and properly responding...    codes will point you to a section of the repair manual...   follow instructions...   working on hybrids also require you to get a proper set of insulated gloves..   there is enough voltage running around on some wires to KILL you instantly..

why do i ask... if you had anything installed...   there are some jeeps running around that EVERYTHING inside the cabin quit working.. turned out to be a Ipod adaptor plugged into the back of the stereo...  

sik1313 sik1313
New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 01/12
Posted: 01/25/12
04:15 PM

What fixed it? I have one with same problem! thanks  

waynep7122 waynep7122
Addict | Posts: 4545 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 01/25/12
08:11 PM

do check back... i will have a new source of info now... its going to take some research.  can you post all the codes you get also... so i am not looking up the wrong info... and your exact year, model, engine.. 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive.

a few things...

can you identify everything in the truck that does NOT work.... like the guy above...

any item can wipe out the CAN system and cause all kinds of things to fail...

lets first look at the TSBs... not all will apply to every truck....

2006 Toyota Truck Highlander 4WD V6-3.3L (3MZ-FE) Hybrid Recall and Technical Service Bulletin Titles

TSB Number & Issue Date      TSB Title
SC-90L/B0A-INT FEB 11    Recall - Carpet/Floor Mat/Accelerator Pedal Interference
SSC60F JUL 06    Recall - Carpet/Accelerator Pedal Interference

TSB Number & Issue Date      TSB Title
SSC90A JAN 09    Campaign - Electric Steering Gear Replacement

TSB Number & Issue Date      TSB Title
SB0006-11 JAN 11    A/T - World Standard Automatic Transmission Fluid
CRIB180 DEC 10    Vehicle - Usage Of Non-OE Parts
CRIB178 SEP 10    A/C - Special Electric A/C Compressor Refrigerant Oil
SB0138-10R1 JUL 10    Drivetrain - ATF/Gear Oil leak From Transfer Case Vent
SB0141-10 JUN 10    Body - Windshield/Back Glass Ticking Noise
CRIB177 MAR 10    Restraints - OCS System Initialization
SB0064-10 FEB 10    Engine Controls - Techstream(R) ECU Re-Flash Procedure
SB0398-09 DEC 09    Engine Controls - A/F And O2 Sensor Identification
SB0079-09R1 DEC 09    Vehicle - Long Term Storage Guidelines
CRIB176 DEC 09    Body - Approved Collision Repair Methods
CRIB175 DEC 09    Body - HSS/UHSS Cabin Reinforcement Repair/Replacement
SB0301-08R1 OCT 09    Engine - Serial Number Locations/Identification
SB0207-09 JUL 09    Electrical - Abnormal Low Pitched Horn Operation
SB0288-08R1 JUN 09    Interior - Squeaking Noises From The Front Seat
SB0131-09 APR 09    Ignition System - MIL ON/Ignition Coil DTC's Set
CRIB173 APR 09    Paint - Refinishing Information
CRIB165 MAR 09    Body - Acid Rain Paint Damage Prevention/Repair
CRIB172 MAR 09    Body - Bumper Component Repair
SB0062-09 FEB 09    Engine - Oil Leak From The Bell Housing Area
SB0049-09 JAN 09    Body - Moonroof Auto-Close Function Inoperative
SB0391-08 DEC 08    Steering/Suspension - Vehicle Pull Repair Supplement
SB0386-08 DEC 08    Hybrid Systems - MIL ON/DTC P0A78/Info Codes 286/287
CRIB170 OCT 08    Body - Plastic Bumper Refinishing
SB0296-08 SEP 08    Steering - Knock/Pop Noise When Turning Steering Wheel
CRIB164 SEP 08    Vehicle - VIN Plate/Certification Label Replacement
SB0144-08 JUL 08    Vehicle - Certification Label Information
SB0138-08 JUL 08    Body/Frame - Protective Wax Coating Information
CRIB167 JUL 08    Body/Interior - Trim Removal & Installation
SB0053-08 MAY 08    A/T, M/T - Alignment Pin Service Precaution
SB0038-08 APR 08    Engine - Cylinder Head Cover Baffle Precautions
SB0036-08 APR 08    Lighting - Headlamp Lens Discoloration
SB0020-08 MAR 08    ABS/TCS - Zero Point Calibration Information
CRIB163 FEB 08    Body - Sealing Hem-Flanges & Body Seams
CRIB161 JAN 08    Body - Collision Damage Repair Precautions
CRIB159 DEC 07    Body - Corrosion Prevention & Sound Absorption Info.
CRIB160 DEC 07    Restraints - SRS Service Precautions
PG007-07 NOV 07    Vehicle - Replacement VIN Plate Information
EL010R-07 NOV 07    Keyless Entry - Remote Transmitter Programming Guide
BR008-07 NOV 07    Brakes - Squawk/Chirp/Honk Noise Upon Pedal Application
EL009-07 NOV 07    Keyless Entry - Programming Remote Transmitters
CRIB158 OCT 07    Body - Panel Adhesive Information
SS006-07 AUG 07    Battery - Absorbed Glass Mat Battery (AGM) Information
SS004-07 AUG 07    Restraints - SRS Component Disposal
CRIB155 AUG 07    Body/Frame - Sectioning Information
CRIB156 AUG 07    Electrical - SRS And HV Wiring Repairs
EG030R-07 JUL 07    Engine Controls - Highway Speed Rocking Sensation
EG057R-06 JUL 07    Engine Controls - Rocking Feeling at 40 MPH
PG003-07 JUL 07    Hybrid Systems - Emergency Response Training CD
EG034-07 JUN 07    Engine Controls - Bank 1/Bank 2 O2 Sensor identification
TC008-07 JUN 07    Drivetrain - Fluid Leaks From Transfer Case Vent
BO013R-05 MAR 07    Restraints - Seat Belt Extenders
TC003-07 MAR 07    Drivetrain - Drive/Axle Shaft Replacement Precautions
AU001R-06 FEB 07    Audio System - Quick Reference Diagnostic Guide
TC012R-06 FEB 07    A/T - Identification/Serial Number Location
EL003-07 FEB 07    Air Bag Systems - Repair Manual Supplement
PA001-07 JAN 07    Body - Replacement Bumper Cover Refinishing
BR012-06 DEC 06    Brakes - MIL On/DTCs C1341-C1344 After Pad Replacement
PG001R-06 NOV 06    Electrical - Battery Maintenance and Testing
BR009-06 OCT 06    Brakes - Alternative Brake Pads Available
SU007-06 OCT 06    Suspension - Shock Absorber Replacement Criteria
CRIB146 SEP 06    Body - Paintless Dent Repair Information
PG002-06 JUL 06    Hybrid System - Inverter Removal/Installation Precaution
PG011R-05 JUN 06    Fuel System - Fuel Injector Cleaning Procedure
BO017R-03 APR 06    Body - Interior Trim Panels/Garnish Loose
EG018-06 MAR 06    Engine Lubrication - ILSAC GF-4 Oil Recommendations
EG017-06 MAR 06    Hybrid Systems - MIL ON/DTC P0A7A/Info Code 325
EG026R-05 FEB 06    Engine Controls - ISC Learn procedure
EG001R-06 JAN 06    Engine - ILSAC GF-4 Engine Oil Standard
BO016-05 DEC 05    Body - Front Door Weatherstrip Comes Loose
SS003-05 NOV 05    Audio System - CD Player Skip Verification
EG052-05 NOV 05    Engine Controls - MIL ON/DTC's P0171/P0174/P2195/P2197
BO014-05 NOV 05    SRS/Interior - Seat Cover Replacement Caution
PA002R-02 OCT 05    Paint - Paint Stains Under Rapgard
BR004R-05 OCT 05    Brakes - Front Brake Squealing Noise
SS003R-02 AUG 05    Antitheft - Diagnostic Tester Immobilizer Function
EG045R-04 JUN 05    Engine Controls - Entering VIN When Replacing PCM/ECM
PD016-05 APR 05    Battery - HV/Auxiliary Battery Maintenance
BO006-05 MAR 05    Restraints - Seat Belt Extender Availability
PD013-05 MAR 05    Instruments - Compass Calibration Procedure
CRIB122 FEB 03    Body - Body Sectioning  

waynep7122 waynep7122
Addict | Posts: 4545 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 01/25/12
08:31 PM

Definition of Diagnostic Trouble Code B1200
Toyota: Normal

Definition of Diagnostic Trouble Code B1211
Toyota: Driver door ECU communication stop

Definition of Diagnostic Trouble Code B1214
Toyota: Door system communication bus malfunction (+B short)

Definition of Diagnostic Trouble Code B1262
Toyota: A/C ECU communication stop

Definition of Diagnostic Trouble Code B1271
Toyota: Combination meter ECU communication stop

Definition of Diagnostic Trouble Code B1273
Toyota: Sliding roof ECU communication stop

Definition of Diagnostic Trouble Code B1293
Toyota: Gateway ECU(AVC-LAN adapter) communication stop

Definition of Diagnostic Trouble Code C1310
Toyota: Malfunction in HV system

Definition of Diagnostic Trouble Code P3108
Toyota: Communication malfunction (Engine -; HV)

Definition of Diagnostic Trouble Code U0146
Category Network
Definition Lost Communication With Gateway "A"

so please post your EXACT CODES  

the trouble shooting charts need to be examined for circuits that connect..  

sik1313 sik1313
New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 01/12
Posted: 01/29/12
08:14 PM

They are the exact codes from first post to a tee! All symptoms exact! Almost same milage! It is a 2006 highlander hybrid 6 cylinder. Thanks!!!  

sik1313 sik1313
New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 01/12
Posted: 01/29/12
08:17 PM


waynep7122 waynep7122
Addict | Posts: 4545 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 01/30/12
08:40 AM

this is going to require an advanced scan tool... to properly communicate with the CAN system and to monitor the various individual systems..

most scan tools are designed and programmed to work with the engine and transmission controls.. others with the antilock brakes. then air bags...

you are also going to need access to an online repair info site...


eautorepair dot net


alldatadiy dot com    

both have the repair info for each trouble code..

reading all the TSBs.. not just the titles that might have something to do with this problem.. i saw several that i would want to read..

i do this for free.. so i cannot afford to purchase subscriptions to info sites for research ...

i have a few questions..    was anything modified lately..

like a new car stereo.. an IPOD adaptor installed into the radio wiring?????

because the CAN system runs many things on the car...

you could have a SINGLE item failure and cause all your problems..

so with a scan tool and the proper info...   you test each device and monitor it with the scan tool.. to verify the failure or non failure...

warning.. you will also need a LOGIC PROBE...  harbor freight sells these for under 20 bucks.. do NOT use a conventional test light..   you can damage the devices..

let me explain..

when you push a button..   you send a request from that switch to the computer .. the computer decides if it can operate the device you have requested.. so it sends a digital signal to that device...  but there are only 4 wires running from part to part to part...     ground.. power.. data high and data low..

if one switch is sending the wrong data stream.. or shorted out some how.. you can block the signals to the entire circuit..  

sik1313 sik1313
New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 01/12
Posted: 01/30/12
04:37 PM

Well the car sat in the garage all weekend and cleared codes....problem went away! problem started day after snow. thought is water intrusion in vehichle somehere and from being in heated garage it may have dried!?! will let you know if returns when it rains or snows! thank you for your help!!!  

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