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NAV-TV Offers 1st Back-up Camera for 2011 Volvo Models

LennyGomez LennyGomez
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 04/11
Posted: 04/21/11
12:56 PM

NAV-TV will offers the first aftermarket back-up camera for some 2011 Volvo models, it said.

It’s Volvo-Cam also adds capability for a front camera to help with parking and the ability to add FLIR night vision.

Volvo S60

The system is offered as a lower cost alternative to the factory back up option which costs $2,700. The Volvo-Cam works with the S60 and XC60. NAV-TV developed a module that “talks” to the CAN bus to allow the aftermarket add-on.

The system links to the cars’ 7-inch in-dash LCD screen. It comes with a rear camera and module and gives you the option to add a front camera and night vision. You may also turn on the cameras while driving. Pricing will fall well below the factory option and will be announced next week.

Source: NAV-TV (  

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