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Volt lives up to its name !

jmrec100 jmrec100
Enthusiast | Posts: 477 | Joined: 09/10
Posted: 04/18/11
10:01 AM

the obama car, Chevy Volt lives up to its name !

When government forces a car maker to sell a car they were still developing ! Think about it. A car company who spends millions on R&D would want to get it out to the car market asap. But then pre government GM, wasn't ready to release it. Think that making a profit would be important. But back when it was pre-government GM (not obama motors) , don't you think they (GM) would be interested in selling it asap, Yes? But pre-government GM was not ready yet. Sowhen it became obama-GM, they forced it and you get this !  

jmrec100 jmrec100
Enthusiast | Posts: 477 | Joined: 09/10
Posted: 08/19/11
09:14 PM

So far, the Volt sadly is a failure with so few being sold.  

waynep7122 waynep7122
Addict | Posts: 4545 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 08/19/11
09:39 PM

but its so good for puns....

i get a charge out of the volt...

volt age goes a LONG way...

i wonder if it comes in with a built in bug zapper??? with enough stink.. there should be a bunch of flies..

instead of saying.. i have to go over there...

i have to zap my way over there..

or.. i will ZAP right over..

perhaps instead of fixing cars.. i should have gone to work for an advertising agency.. coming up with catchy one liners..

the other day at the shoe repair shop.. the workers ask if i came in to pick up....  so i grabbed the bottom of their counter.. tried to yank it up... i said.. its bolted down..    they just stood there looking at me... i then said.. what are you doing.. waiting for the other shoe to drop????    when i left.. another person was coming up the steps... i opened the door and greeted him ... come in.. they can save your soles here..    that got smiles all the way around..    one of the best was when i went in a wholesale clock and watch shop in downtown los angeles... as the female clerk walked up and ask  "can i help you???"  i ask her if she had the  time.... she got her wrist half way up before she realized i was yanking her chain.. looked up and smiled..  there were hundreds of clocks on the walls and bin boxes full of cheep watches of every shape and size...  

jmrec100 jmrec100
Enthusiast | Posts: 477 | Joined: 09/10
Posted: 08/28/11
08:01 PM

Any guesses how many prius's were sold in china so far.???   Answer: ONE
The chinese are not concerned about the green global warming nonsense.  

jmrec100 jmrec100
Enthusiast | Posts: 477 | Joined: 09/10
Posted: 11/11/11
07:32 PM

Another Volt goes up in flames. Wow, what a "hot" car !!!|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE  

waynep7122 waynep7122
Addict | Posts: 4545 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 11/12/11
05:53 AM

how many cell phones exploded and caught fire after being dropped hard...

lithium reacts to water.. with a violent thermal reaction..  it burns when exposed to moisture..  a chunk of lithium.. when dropped into water.. will burn underwater...  with such violence that it will usually be propelled out of the water..

lithium batteries are created in a vat of oil to keep the lithium away from any moisture or water..

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said today it had investigated a fire that occurred this spring, after the Volt extended-range electric vehicle underwent a 20 mile-per-hour, side-impact test for its five-star crash safety rating. The crash punctured the Volt’s lithium-ion battery, and after more than three weeks of sitting outside, the vehicle and several cars around it caught fire. No one was hurt.

The fire’s cause – the battery puncture -- led to questions about whether other automakers require batteries to be discharged of their energy following major crashes, the NHTSA official said. In addition, regulators are exploring protocols for who would do that – firefighters who respond first, for instance – and how quickly should they do it.

i personally don't think that discharging the volts battery is going to help..  if the battery is punctured.. it needs to be removed can stored in a proper oil filled container till it can be disassembled properly..  and safely..

whats really interesting..  it the possibility of using some reactive material like lithium , sodium or potassium to create steam from a fine mist of water sprayed into a high pressure chamber to operate probably a triple expansion steam engine for either automotive use or home emergency power generation..   it would require ceramic coated pistons with stainless piston rings.. and some kind of coating on the cylinder walls to prevent rust formation.

there is a way to create hydrogen peroxide from water and another chemical.. this is what the peroxide bo mbs are made of..

i came up with this idea about 1992.. but have not gotten far with it.. do to lack of a workshop that will let me experiment in.
when i describe my idea.. they say no..  unless they can have a piece of the action. so.. i post it here..

if small volumes of hi test peroxide could be produced.. peroxide could be sprayed at high pressure through a platinum grid creating super heated steam and massive amounts of pressure to operate a steam engine.. turbine would be too wasteful for this application.  but triple expansion engines are  very efficient at using steam..

what is a triple expansion engine.. one with 3 cylinders of different sizes...    the highest pressure is used by the small piston first.. released into the middle sized piston to force that down.. then to the biggest piston to force that down.. so the steam is used 3 times..  

this could be a future way of building cars..    but... if you noticed.. peroxide will become unstable.. and explode.. so only tiny volumes of it should be created as needed by the automated engine controls..  

jmrec100 jmrec100
Enthusiast | Posts: 477 | Joined: 09/10
Posted: 11/26/11
06:32 PM

Lets go a a step further with this "green ' car crap. I worked at a location that had on display that we were within a 7 mile radius of a hazardous chemical building. They made car batteries. This was a car battery making Lead batteries.                    Now they are Li type batteries but they still produce waste. So with these extra car batteries and bigger sizes.  And now we have more environmental waste hazards due to more battery production. And besides, when electrically charging up the car by plug in, you are using an energy source that is at another location. And it is typically about 30% efficient at the power plants. The more efficient ones are closer to 40%. And when producing power, there is pollution. So just 'moving' pollution somewhere else. I agree with the technology to use hybrids etc BUT it is Not the answer to all energy problems. The Volt is a nice car, but just another small step. GM wasn't ready to release it except that the government bought GM and made GM release it. Thank you to another sappy ignorant government wish. And the poor sales show it is not a car the public, profit paying public want.  

waynep7122 waynep7122
Addict | Posts: 4545 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 11/26/11
07:03 PM

hmm.... i was thinking of something just a little different..

they have direct injection for gasoline engines now.. lets build much smaller motors to charge the batteries..  2 stroke direct injected either supercharged or turbo charged..

all this hooplah... about a volt burning is detractors who just don't understand and who want to drag it down... all the hybrid cars are loaded with lithium batteries...

i have seen dozens of fires after the collision from conventional batteries..  this is why the first thing the fire department does is chop through the hood and disconnect the battery..

storing the VOLTS and any other hybrid after a collision needs to be done in a different area.. away or at least separated by concrete block walls. they only need to be 5 or 6 foot high to protect the cars next to them.. it will cost more to store them... yep...  at least until the batteries have been removed.. and again stored in a concrete bunker..  with DRY stand pipes.. so the fire department can spray foam directly in.. or what ever you use to fight a lithium battery fire..  probably NOT CO2.. dry nitrogen removing all the oxygen from the container.. storing them in baskets in warmed and filtered motor oil..

cars have always had problems..  steam powered cars blew up... the early electric cars burned also.. as do hundreds of thousand gasoline powered cars..  crown vics the police use when smashed hard enough in the rear end with a trunk stuffed to the lid with police gear have burned with officers trapped inside.  ford went as far as factory installing fire  equipment under the center of the car... but if you hit any car with another car or SUV at 60 to 80 miles an hour.. its going to be really bad..  just that Crown vics are used in law enforcement.. get parked at odd angles. just slightly out of the lanes of traffic..  sometimes in the lanes of traffic..  

philM76 philM76
New User | Posts: 5 | Joined: 11/11
Posted: 01/10/12
03:47 AM

The post is obviously being influenced by politics a lot and not the actual car.

I think the Volt is a great development, even with the troubles it is having at this point.

No matter what you think about green cars or global warming. Oil from the middle east is not the dream of Americas energy future and thus cars which use a little less of it are probably not such a wrong idea after all.  

jmrec100 jmrec100
Enthusiast | Posts: 477 | Joined: 09/10
Posted: 01/13/12
08:12 PM

GM was not ready to release it. The car is influenced by government not the public buying consumer. So far, I have seen stats that the government is using my money to buy these cars.  When the gov't took it over, the gov't forced it's release. Nothing against the type of car. Afterall, the Prius is a success. There are issues. And of course pursue the development but do not eliminate oil as a fuel because of a 'dream'. No problem developing alternatives but making it law does not make it happen. Hurrah for the Volt but it  does have it's issues.  

jmrec100 jmrec100
Enthusiast | Posts: 477 | Joined: 09/10
Posted: 03/11/12
07:38 PM

Get 'm while they're hot ! Oh wait, production has stopped for a while due to LOW consumer interest.  

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