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sedona fire

dinkydo dinkydo
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 04/11
Posted: 04/11/11
05:07 PM

while driving my sedona on a major highway my van burst into flames by the time i got to the shoulder i lost my steering and my brakes .I was lucky  to get my daughter and my self out to safety the fire company could not put the fire out and my van is a burnt out shell. Has any one else know of this problem?  

Harvey- Harvey-
User | Posts: 81 | Joined: 04/11
Posted: 04/29/11
08:35 PM

I haven't heard anything... what year was it?  We have a 2007 (the second year of the second gen) and my girlfriends mother has a first generation Sedona.  
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waynep7122 waynep7122
Addict | Posts: 4545 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 04/29/11
10:13 PM

i was also hoping for a year...

but.. perhaps they will come back and search this site for TSBs..

and perhaps.. fill out a form at the office of defect investigation...

there might be more out there..  

when there is NOTHING left.. its hard to tell what caused the problem...

when i was growing up.. the guy next door was a bomber pilot during WWII    flying B29 in the pacific ... after dropping the bombs  and lining up for the 8 hour return flight to Tinian smoke filled the cabin..  the pilot yelled for everybody to bail out..  my friend said he grabbed a pair of cutters from the radio guy.. climbed into the instrument bay and found the box where all the smoke and flames was coming from..  started cutting wires that went into that box...  they followed other aircraft back as they had no electrical system...   they offered his a commendation.. for saving the plane and all the other crews to come.. as this was the only plane that had made it back  with this problem..  it was the voltage regulator for the #3 engine.. that ran the whole plane..  so .. you might be the first with a fire.. but perhaps not the last...  a few minutes.. . might save other lives...  fill out the office of defect investigation form..  google it.. or i can paste that link also...  

frustrated3 frustrated3
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 05/11
Posted: 05/01/11
10:41 AM

Question...I have a 2003 ford escape that the battery goes dead in overnight.  Just had my alternator replaced 2 wks ago and now this!  I took it to the electrical shop and he couldn't find any draw while my truck sat idle....could it be a fautly alternator??  

waynep7122 waynep7122
Addict | Posts: 4545 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 05/01/11
11:08 AM

parasitic draw testing requires a battery shut off switch and an amp meter of at least 10 or 15 amp DC rating..  some customized test leads so you can switch off the battery and force all the current through the amp meter to get an accurate reading..

but on 1996 and newer cars... you have to run the engine.. and shut it down  get out lock the doors in a normal fashion ...  then wait 6 minutes.. then loosen the green knob on the battery switch with the amp meter all ready installed with attached wires to both sides of the switch... this prevents the car from loosing power.. but keeps the amp meter connected only when the current draw is where the amp meter can display...  less than 15 amps. DC...


the amp meter needs to hook to both sides of this device.. so when you have the engine off... the doors shut and locked as normal.. the 6 minute wait is over... to allow timed circuits to shut down in a normal fashion... you can then loosen the knob and the amp meter will show how much parasitic draw you have...

0.030 AMPS DC should be the MAX you should find...

that is 3  one hundredths of an amp...  not one third of an amp....   expect 0.025... on most cars...

this has to be done with a fully charged battery...  and a digital volt meter..    the green knob device can also be used to shut off your car at night.. so you come back to a full battery...

check your charging system... with the volt meter...

engine off.. headlights on for one minute...  then turn the headlights off... measure battery voltage

12.65 is a fully charged battery
12.45 is a half charged battery
12.25 is a 1/4 charged battery  

start engine....

14.1 to 14.8 volts is expected. if the alternator is working properly and the battery is over 3/4 charged...

batteries.. when deeply discharged require ONE to two hours on a 10 amp charger...   not just running the motor...

PLEASE don't test the charging system by disconnecting a battery cable...  it will DAMAGE the alternator... for sure...

digital volt meters start at 8 bucks..   the battery switch is also 8 bucks. at harbor freight...  other stores have them also...  

carroya carroya
New User | Posts: 31 | Joined: 12/11
Posted: 01/23/12
01:04 AM

I have also sedona.. i didn't have any problem like this. i think it's technical fault for the particular  
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JimmyPalakis JimmyPalakis
New User | Posts: 5 | Joined: 01/12
Posted: 01/24/12
11:33 AM

I worked in an autobody shop for years and I have seen a lot of burnt up vehicles. I've never seen or heard of any spontaniously combusting though. At least you and your daughter made it out in one piece  
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panedro panedro
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 04/12
Posted: 04/18/12
06:51 PM

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