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2002 Ford Windstar Jerking

Erivera6 Erivera6
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/10
Posted: 10/27/10
04:58 AM

Ok this may be long but I want to give as much detail and symptoms as possible.

About 10 days ago my van started to jerk and/or stumble on acceleration and also just idling. The CEL came on too and was flashing. We took it to AutoZone and had them read the code. They told us it said that (#1) the engine was not getting enough fuel and that (#2) Cylinder 2 was misfiring. Their advice was to take to mechanic. Well we have always fixed our own cars so we looked online to see what might be the problem. We then changed the spark plugs, gas filter and air filters. All of the liquids(tranny fluid, oil and coolant) have been fine. Still didn't fix it. We then looked some more and came up with the conclusion it could be the EGR valve. Changed it and still not working. Wanted to add here that while changing it out my husband cracked the EGR tube and we bought some Quick Steel from AZ as a recommendation from them and patched it up. After this process it has been giving a really really bad smell burning smell that is a mix between burnt rubber and fish?! Hey I know it sounds strange but even our kids asked why did the car smell like fish. There is no smoke either.Could the Quick Steel give a burning smell? You guessed it we looked some more and then changed the Mass Air Flow sensor. You also guessed it still not working.

No we didn't looked anymore , we took it to a recommended mechanic  Smile Well that didn't help us either b/c after a day and a half they can't figure out what's wrong with it either. They ran the codes and it gave them, which I'm not sure if they actually ran it. They said it was showing as a Vacuum leak and also the Throttle Body Motor was malfunctioning. Not sure if that was the actual codes or not. They couldn't find a leak and cleaned the TBM with no results. They didn't charge me anything but suggested we change the plug wires and clean the fuel injection ourselves. He was all about not having us pay a ton on unnecessary work from him if we could change out things. I am grateful about that part but I just want my van fixed!

Now when we got it from the repair shop yesterday our Over Drive light was flashing, then the odometer stopped working and the A/C. The (RED) brake light and (YELLOW) ABS lights been coming on off and on for over a year. I did see that FORD did a recall about those lights. My husband changed out the fuse last night and today it is still working at the moment.

Ok that is the whole crazy story so far. What do you think it could be at this point.


waynep7122 waynep7122
Addict | Posts: 4547 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 10/27/10
06:44 AM

change the EGR tube...    epoxy won't work...    it gets to hot....

since you say you work on your own cars..   if your cars are all newer than 1995...  you will need your own scan tool...   a harbor freight tools scan tool 98614 will be the best buy... and will do most of the stuff you need...

with a scan tool.. you can access the codes and the live data stream...

you will also need access to an online manual... or   both have them...

some problems are hard to fix..    

post the code numbers you get exactly.. after you access them...    you do have to do repairs and then clear and do a drive cycle to see if they set again...

there is a obd 2 drive cycle link on that page...  

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