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Custom Lexus GS

DrivenPerfection DrivenPerfection
User | Posts: 75 | Joined: 10/10
Posted: 10/06/10
07:26 AM

Custom Lexus GS: Detailed By Driven Perfection


Hand Wash, Clay Treatment, Alcohol Wipedown Of All Panels

Wheels Cleaned With Gloss It Signature Wheel Gel

Tires Treated With Gloss It Signature Tire Gloss

Gloss It Extreme Cut Applied With Gloss It Green Foam Pad On Makita Rotary Buffer

Gloss It Evolution Polish Applied With Green Foam Pads On Cyclo Polisher

Gloss It High Gloss Sealant Applied With Blue Foam Pads On Cyclo Polisher

Final Wipedown With Gloss It Gloss Enhancer

4886729816 D8e81bef99 O

4886127785 8B9621a194 O

4886128087 6E100176ff O

4886730414 13C9253bfb O

4886730622 3882563E9a O

4886730848 F7267e205c O

4886730978 Fe2d6860f2 O

4886731394 24C74ec9a5 O

4886731486 B9553c5a90 O  

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