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battery going dead

jluc1268 jluc1268
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 08/10
Posted: 08/18/10
09:36 AM

I have a 95 Ford Probe and when left overnight the battery goes dead. I replaced the battery, and the next day the same thing happened. Anyone have any advice?  

waynep7122 waynep7122
Addict | Posts: 4545 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 08/18/10
12:29 PM

charge the battery up fully on a battery charger..

do you have a digital volt meter?????

does it have a 10 Amp DC setting..

you can also use a bulb type circuit tester..

first.. with a fully charged battery...  start the engine...

you should have over 14.1 volts...  probably closer to 14.6 volts.. this shows the alternator is working properly..

now..  turn the motor OFF...    the drivers window rolled down...  everything in the car turned off...  doors shut..

disconnect one side of the battery...    hook your test probes across the gap between the battery post and the cable end that was removed from the post..    with the amp meter set at 10 amp DC or 15 amp DC scale...

a reading of less than 0.020 amps.. is normal..

if you get a higher reading than this...  something is wrong..  something is staying on..

i have found cars with amp draws of 0.250.. thats a quarter amp.. turned out i was able to identify it by pulling fuses.. till the amp reading dropped..  

jluc1268 jluc1268
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 08/10
Posted: 08/20/10
10:22 AM

don't have a voltage meter, could it be a short in the cylanoid draining it? when charged its not wanting to start regularly.  

faizalam29 faizalam29
User | Posts: 55 | Joined: 10/13
Posted: 01/01/14
12:59 AM

If you’ve ever found yourself with a dead car battery, you know just how frustrating it can be -- not to mention the cost of replacing it  

wayne712222 wayne712222
Guru | Posts: 1856 | Joined: 03/13
Posted: 01/01/14
05:05 AM


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