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ExAcuraMan ExAcuraMan
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 03/10
Posted: 03/02/10
01:23 AM

This is my 6th Acura - I should have stopped at 5 - had I known the service I would receive under warranty - I would have bought a Lexus!!  I could have bought any car I wanted -  I chose to buy a new 07 Black TL type S. within the first year the trunk rubbed the paint off the top of bumper - INSTEAD of fixing the trunk, they extended it well past the tail lights.  I have had people ask me if it was wrecked!!  The repair it looks like it was fixed at a sub-standard repair shop.  Acura maintains the car is within standards.  We walked the lot with the Acura
Rep - there was NOT an Acura on the lot that fit as poorly as mine.  HOW CAN THIS BE???? I can tell you I am a particular owner, I would never have bought a car that has a truck fit as mine does, I am held hostage with no recourse according to Karla, Acura's spokesperson.  They could have fixed it for the money they spent on the airline tickets sending inspectors to Portland, who I might add have the customer service skills of a giraffe.  I would have bought a 7th Acura had they fixed my car.  They obviously do not have owners in mind, nor do the understand the Nordstrom way of customer service.  This is the only Acura I have ever had with an excessively high number of items that have needed to be fixed under warranty.  Two techs told me I was lucky, mine has fewer rattles than most!  COMFORTING!!  Get it right Acura - you will not be getting my families money.  E-mail me if you would like more details.  Beautiful car, amazing navigation system, the worst customer service / repair skills I have EVER encountered.  Think twice before you go through this!!!   I see this every time I walk past the car and it irritates me.  In this economy I would think Acura's attiutde would be one of retaining customers.  I can tell you first hand this is not true.  The Portland Acura dealer was on my side - to not avail.  So much for getting what you pay for.   Your loss Acura.  

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