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Should The Ford Flex Replace The Ford Explorer??

thesavagepony thesavagepony
Enthusiast | Posts: 431 | Joined: 05/08
Posted: 01/27/10
01:49 PM

2010 Ford Flex Ecoboost Front Three Quarter

Ford Explorer America Concept

It's no secret that the Ford Explorer started the trend of the SUV. The explorer has sold more than 6 million in its life time and is still a decent sale for Ford. However it's also no secret that people are shifting to smaller more fuel efficient cars and the Explorer doesn't exactly scream that. In comes the Crossover.

The Ford Flex, in my opinion, is the best deal for the buck. It's innovative design and stylish looks, not to mention room, comfort, and yes fuel efficiency, is definitely a winner for Ford. Now there has already been talks about the next generation Explorer and how it's going to be 25% more fuel efficient. This got me thinking.

Should Ford consider killing the Ford Explorer, the SUV most traded in when the Cash for Clunkers program took effect, and push the Ford Flex to the top??? Or should the Explorer still stick around even though it's been here for so long??

I personally don't like the unibody Explorer...just my opinion on the vehicle. At the same time I do think the Flex has what it takes to be number 1 in the crossover segment.

What do you think??

Source: Flex
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