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Dodge Dakota 2005 front end vibration and shaking HELP!!!

mrblue2 mrblue2
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 10/09
Posted: 11/20/09
07:19 AM

I'm just about at my wits end. I've been in and out of the dealer since oct 8th.
Symptom: at speeds between 55 - 75 intermitantly the truck will begin to vibrate. If you take your foot off the gas it gets wrose. If you then apply the brakes the steering wheel begins to shake almost violently. If I slow down to about 30 mph it stops and may happen again quickly or may not happenagain for a while. Got to happen only once with the service mgr in the truck. He said it was tie rod ends and replaced them. NO CHANGE. Brought it back and he said the front left caliper was hung up. He replaced it. NO CHANGE. He has now had it for a week and said it didn't do it while he had it. I drove it for 10 minutes and it happened again.
You hear a soft rumbling sound when it happens and the truck starts shaking/vibrating. release the gas and it gets worse step on the brake get much worse.
I have 7-70 coverage.  Is the dealer trying to avoid a major warrenty repair or he he truley unable to figure out whats going on?
Do I go to a different dealer? Do I go to a repair shop? This is almost 2 months. What do I do since the dealer doesn't seem to be any help?  

waynep7122 waynep7122
Addict | Posts: 4547 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 11/20/09
08:28 AM

things to check for.....

jack up one front wheel at a time...   wiggle it...  is there any play in the wheel bearings???   they are a unitized hub and bearing assembly... but they have lately been known to get a little loose...

with the wheels back on the ground...   turn the key one position forward... just enough to unlock the steering wheel.. but not enough to turn on the dash lights...

standing beside the truck.. reach through the window...  wiggle the steering wheel...   see if there is any loose movement in the steering wheel before  the tires move..   you should also be looking to see.. if the truck is moving side to side as you wiggle the wheel...

what you are looking for ..

is the rack and pinion steering box being out of adjustment or worn..   there is an adjustment that keeps the rack shaft in contact with the pinion gear... when this wears.. you will have free play...

is the steering shaft joints loose between the bottom end of the steering column and the rack and pinion

is there any worn inner or outer tie rod ends...

are the rack and pinion mounting bushings worn or loose allowing the rack to move back and forth...

are the upper and lower ball joints worn....      you have to support the lower control arm near the ball joint to check the wear as the lower ball joint is being pulled hard downward..    you have to support it so the suspension does not hang at full extension as that will change the amount of wear that you can test for...

i have  not had one of these come in yet...   but this is how i check cars and truck when they come in..

one last thing... if you are going to have the front tires rebalanced...  you have to take the truck to the shop...   have them set out some floor jacks...  take the truck for a 2 mile drive.. then bring it back and pull straight in.. and jack it up as soon as you stop.. this stops the cold floor from putting a flat spot on the tire... which i have had problems balancing out..

i would also think that at that speed...  it is more of a wheel balance problem...  most older tire balancers were designed with the 55 mph limit in mind.. and once in a great while... tire balancers get out of calibration....   count the wheel weights on your wheels...  inside and out...   they should be in one position on the outside and one position on the inside... if you have tire weights spread out in 2 or 3 different locations around the rim.. on the same side..  the tire balancer might be out of calibration .. or operator error might have come into play..

i bet that there is new TSB on this already....  exactly what parts are causing the problem...
i separated the ones that might need checking on...    

the pop clunk i would bet might be the one causing the problem...

perhaps one of the other techs on this board.. might post some of the info for those TSBs that i separated.  just to give us the ideas... i don't have access to the full text right now..

Automotive Recall and Technical Service Bulletin Titles for 2005 Dodge Truck Dakota 4WD V8-4.7L VIN ***
TSB Number & Issue Date      TSB Title
E14 NOV 05    Recall - A/T Parking Pawl Cup Plug Defect
D57 JAN 05    Recall - Side Air Bag Fastener Torque
TSB Number & Issue Date      TSB Title
18-015-09 MAY 09    Engine Controls - MIL ON/DTC's P0340/P0344 Set
21-021-08 SEP 08    A/T - Repair/Replacement Guidelines


23-036-07 AUG 07    Interior - Low Gloss Interior Trim Care Information
26-003-07 MAR 07    Maintenance - Fluid Flushing Recommendations
21-005-07 MAR 07    Engine Controls - MIL ON/DTC P1713/P1776
08-046-06 OCT 06    Audio System - Cell Phone Induced Clicking From Speakers
03-003-06 OCT 06    Differential - Fluid Level Inspection Procedure
08-030-06A AUG 06    Engine Control - PCM Initialization Procedure
24-006-06 AUG 06    A/C - Musty Odors When Hot/Humid
18-001-06A JUL 06    Engine Controls - Flash Reprogramming Abort Recovery

05-002-06 MAY 06    Brakes - Shudder While Braking

23-019-06 MAY 06    Interior - Adhesive Residue On Carpet
08-017-06 APR 06    StarSCAN(R) - Vehicle Scan Report Availability
21-007-06 APR 06    A/T - Delayed Shift Engagement/Related DTC's Set
08-014-06 MAR 06    Cell Phone - Hands Free Module Will Not Connect
18-007-06A MAR 06    Engine Controls - Generic PCM programming Procedure
23-014-06 MAR 06    Wipers/Washers - Wipers Smear or Streak Winshield
14-001-06 JAN 06    Fuel System - MIL ON/DTC P0457 Set
22-001-05 DEC 05    Wheels - Caring for Chrome Wheels
08-060-05 NOV 05    Engine Controls - Engine No Crank/No FCM Communication
19-008-05A NOV 05    Steering - Revised Power Steering Bleeding
08-058-05 OCT 05    Audio System - Revised Antenna Mast Installation
08-055-05 OCT 05    Audio System - Satellite Radio Static
23-048-05 OCT 05    Interior - Cup Holder Broken
08-013-05A OCT 05    Cell Phone - UConnect(R) Hands Free Phone Inoperative
23-035-05 JUL 05    Body - Circular/Ring Marks on Glass
18-029-05 JUN 05    Engine Controls - Co-Pilot Support & Correct Cable Usage
08-025-05 MAY 05    Computers/Controls - 'Loss of Comm' DTC Explanation
08-024-05 MAY 05    Electrical - Radio Equipment Installation Recommendation
08-023-05 MAY 05    Body/Electrical - Power Window Operation Information

19-003-05 MAY 05    Steering - Movement Felt in Column

21-009-05 MAR 05    A/T - 42RLE MIL ON/Multiple DTC's Set
08-014-05 FEB 05    Accessories - MOPAR(R) Remote Starter Inoperative
08-006-05 JAN 05    Body - Power Windows Operate Slowly
18-009-04A SEP 04    Engine Controls - Generic PCM Programming Procedure
09-013-04 AUG 04    Engine - Oil Quality/Viscosity Requirements
08-027-04 JUL 04    Safety Systems - Inadvertent Damage/Disabling
08-001-04 JAN 04    Air Bag System - Passenger Air Bag Service Precautions

the dealer service department will also be able to print the 3 TSBs for you... usually... if you ask them for it...   you can also subscribe to to get at the text...

this showed up at the NHTSA web site

Make : DODGE Model : DAKOTA Year : 2005
Manufacturer : CHRYSLER LLC
Service Bulletin Number : 06006 Date of Bulletin : NOV 16, 2006
NHTSA Item Number : 10020759
Component : TIRES
Summary :

Make : DODGE Model : DAKOTA Year : 2005
Manufacturer : CHRYSLER LLC
Service Bulletin Number : 1901204 Date of Bulletin : MAY 03, 2005
NHTSA Item Number : 10011930
Component : STEERING
Summary :

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