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95 Pathfinder RE4R01A issues

shaggykyle shaggykyle
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 07/09
Posted: 07/18/09
04:54 PM

I have a 95 Pathfinder with an electronic auto transmission (RE4R01A) that is shifting a bit hard and likes to stick in 2nd and 3rd unless I let up off the gas a bit. Also, when I put it into drive, it takes a good 3-5 seconds to fully shift into gear. Lastly, after I drive it for 10mins+ the transmission fluid on the dipstick is up to the "hot" range and will leak about an ounce or two until it cools down which is when it will stop leaking. I cannot tell exactly where the leak is coming from, but it eventually ends up dripping off the large metal band (no idea what it is called) just behind the oil pan in between the engine and the transmission. A few drops will also end up on the bottom of the oil pan, but the majority falls from that metal band.
After reading a ton of info from different forums and Q&A websites about electronic auto transmissions it seems that my course of action to try to fix this problem should be to:

Flush transmission fluid cooler along with the fluid itself and replace filter

Add an additional transmission fluid cooler if the problem isn't fixed

Find faulty sensor causing hard shifting / sticking in third

If all this fails, swap auto transmission for a manual

 A couple questions about this is, how reliable are transmission cooler flushes? They are only $10-$20 which makes me wonder if they are effective and if they will harm my transmission even more. Also, if I flush the transmission fluid and replace the filter, won't this clear the junk out of the fluid cooler? If I add an additional tranny fluid cooler, and the stock one is ineffective, will this be beneficial or since the fluid isn't circulating efficiently will it not do any good? Finally, when I hook the Pathfinder up to a computer it doesn't register any faulty sensors, so does that mean that all the sensor are functioning, or could a sensor just be half-malfunctioning and the computer doesn't pick it up?
Sorry for all the questions, but I am new to transmission issues (if you hadn't guessed) and any input would be greatly appreciated  

440t4 440t4
Guru | Posts: 1009 | Joined: 04/09
Posted: 07/19/09
09:58 AM

You need to hook up a scanner and watch live data.The most likely culprit is the TPS {throttle position sensor}.If your TPS voltage is to high it can cause the problem you are having.I dont have the specs in front of me but it should be .5-1 at idle and 4-5 at wide open throttle.And it should rise smoothly in between.As far as the fluid change
the most important thing is changing the filter.Those screens are very sensitive to debris and clog very easily.Have the pan dropped before you do a flush on the system.If the pan and magnets are loaded with metal then its possible your valve body is contaminated and valves are sticking.That could also be your late shift problem.Also if your engine is not running right it causes you to apply more throttle to get the desired response which also causes late and hard shifts and can be mistaken for a trans problem.  

shaggykyle shaggykyle
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 07/09
Posted: 07/19/09
11:12 AM

The engine sounds like it runs fine.  The idle is within the range you said, and at wide open from 1st to second it is within range as well, but from 2nd to 3rd it is a bit higher, and from 3rd to 4th you need to let off the gas to let it change gears or else it will rev up high and you will see the RPM needle start bouncing around very erratically.
 I am gonna get it flushed in the next couple days with a filter replacement, but I was wondering if I should get a can of those $10-$20 transmission cooler flushes.  I read that on this model of transmission, it uses a fin system to cool the fluid which also will get contaminates out of the fluid.  The downside is that after so many miles, those coolers get clogged and the fluid begins to overheat.  Is it required for me to replace or flush that cooler or can I just get an additional cooler to throw on the radiator to solve the overheated tranny fluid issue?  

440t4 440t4
Guru | Posts: 1009 | Joined: 04/09
Posted: 07/19/09
01:42 PM

I was referring to the TPS voltage not RPMS.Tne computer sends a referance voltage to the TPS and the TPS returns a portion of the volts back to the computer depending on how much throttle is being applied.That is how the computer knows how much throttle your applying.I have rebuilt many of these transmissions.In many cases the direct clutch pack{on in 3rd and 4th}is damaged.The clutch will still hold 3rd but the higher gear ratio in fourth puts more stress on it and it slips.What your describing could be that situation.If it is you will soon lose 3rd and 4th completely.Another item to check with the scanner is the speed sensor and the engine coolant temperature sensor.As far as the cooler i would install an auxiliary cooler.If you have good flow in the original cooler then have both the original and aux hooked up.If not then get the largest cooler you can fit and bypass the original.  

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