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anti seize, dielectric tune up grease, sil glide differences...

waynep712 waynep712
Enthusiast | Posts: 651 | Joined: 10/08
Posted: 06/15/09
12:33 AM

there are a bunch of little packages of lubes behind the counter at most parts stores...

there have been some problems when they are used in the wrong place...

spark plug anti seize... is used for threaded fasteners...  on the threads... it is aluminum colored when it comes out of the packet.. or brush in can container...     spark plugs.  exhaust bolts, careful application to oxygen sensor threads,,, water pump and timing cover bolts and studs...  places you are probably going to remove at a later time...  

Sil Glide...   brake caliper lube...  this is an almost clear silicone based lube sometimes slightly pink...  it can be used on brake caliper slides...  brake caliper pins... possibly the drum brake adjusters... the things with the star wheel on them that spread the brake shoes for proper adjustment...

Dielectric tune up grease...      this is a silicone based grease... with various solids in it... yes solids...  it is used for thermal transfer of heat from things like ignition modules to the distributer housing or heat sinks...    it is also used on spark plug boots...   do not get it on the spark plug terminals... or in the spark plug wire terminal...  only on the sides of the insulator... or the sides of the boot so you can get them off at a later time...   some applications like quad 4's with coil packs  under the top cover between the cams need this dielectric tune up grease to help seal the spark plug boots to the distributer cap and to the spark plugs... without it ... the car may comeback with a misfire...

the problem is...  people are using the dielectric tune up grease to lube threaded parts...  don't do it...  it will lock them together so tight you will not be able to get them apart... ever...  EVER....

using dielectric tune up grease on caliper slides or pins..  bad... really bad...   using dielectric tune up grease on wheel studs...  bad really bad...   using it on drum brake adjusters..    bad also...  i have had to work on too many cars this has ruined parts on.. and i am tired of it...  hopefully this lack of knowledge will be helped by this post..


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