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Fuel fill line leak

morg94pennz morg94pennz
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/09
Posted: 07/10/09
08:08 PM

I filled my car (1996 Geo Prism, 1.8L) with gas today, then drove 25 miles. I parked the car in my driveway, which has about a 20 degree upward slope. Later I noticed a small puddle of gas under the rear driver side. I got under the car and saw I had a small leak that looked like it was coming from the gas tank fill line. It was a very slow leak (about 1 drop/10 sec.) coming from the lowest part of the line. This is the first time I have noticed this. I parked the car in the street which is fairly level. I checked about 30 minutes later and there was no leak. My questions are (1) how dangerous could this be?, (2) How can I fix this? Will gas tank repair do it yourself products work?  

waynep712 waynep712
Enthusiast | Posts: 651 | Joined: 10/08
Posted: 07/11/09
08:14 AM

there was another thread on fuel filler tube corrosion problems yesterday... on camrys...

i posted this  link to a pdf file with part numbers for replacement fuel filler tubes...

i did not see any for your application...   but it does say that more part numbers are coming...

if the leak if from a steel tube...  there is a gas tank and radiator repair patch available at most parts stores... it is one a display card and has a length of epoxy that you cut a section and kneed it with your fingers  and push it   part way through the cleaned and sanded hole in the steel tube...  it will not stick to plastic or rubber ... properly... this is a short time fix for the most part...  and try not to top off your tank until you get it fixed properly..  the ethanol in the current blend of fuels is hard on epoxy patches.. so it will not live long...

if the fill tube is not available..  new or used...  it can be cleaned and silver soldered with good results... but ... a shop vacuum is needed to blow  air through the neck to avoid vapor buildup ...

decades ago... i did my best to do an gas tank repair...  with a welding torch... after doing my best to get rid of any residual vapors...  i placed the tank outside the shop of the gas station i worked at...  so if it still went boom... it would not hurt anything... i was not aware of the airflow trick blowing through the tank to keep the concentration of vapors below 15% ...

when i layed down on the ground and placed the tip of the torch in the filler neck ... nothing... when i poked the tip through the sending unit hole.. it went off...  making a noise out the filler neck like an elephant trumpeting.. oh it was loud...    the gas pump guys came running when they saw me rolling on the ground holding my ribs...  they thought i was injured..   nope... i was laughing so hard that my ribs were cramping.. i did start hurting. as they started kicking me for laughing...   the next day... a friend who was an LAPD officer stopped by the station as he had seen me working late that night... ask me if i had heard any weird noises the night before...  he lived 6 blocks away..  i told him about what i had accidently done and he started laughing also...  that was over 25 years ago... i saw him a few weeks ago.. and we still laughed at it...

working with gasoline is dangerous..   a tea spoon of it can push you a block down the street when the fuel system sprays it into the motor..   probably time to get it fixed...  leaks in the fuel tank will also turn on your 96 and newer check engine light...  

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