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Can you mix tire brands?

mike003auto mike003auto
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 05/09
Posted: 05/27/09
11:54 PM

I am driving a Toyota Camry 1996 sedan (1MZ-FE engine - V6) and I am planning to replace the tires. I found some used tires in very good condition (80% tread left) that are the correct size (P205/65R15 92H) . Unfortunately there are only three of them. And so I would like to ask if it is acceptable, in terms of safety and maybe other reasons, to mix two different brands of tires in a pair. I was thinking of taking the tire off the rim from the spare tire and using it to complete the set so that I would have four very good tires - used - but still very good ones. (I can then replace the spare with one of my older tires). The three tires are of the brand "Toyo". They are Toyo Proxes TPT 94H (M+S). The tire from the spare is a Dunlop SP Sport 4000 A/S (M+S). Would it cause me any problems to have the Dunlop SP Sport tire matched with a Toyo Proxes TPT tire? The tread pattern is a little different but the tread wear is about the same.

If you think I shouldn't match two different brands like this then I will just continue to use the better pair of my older tires which still have sufficient tread left (about 30% tread left - not great but should be OK for another year on the back). They are Nokian Haka WR All Weather Plus tires (M+S).

I was also not sure which tires to put on the front - I guess the better ones with the most tread should go on the front because it is front wheel drive.

And if you feel it is not good to match tires in a pair, is it acceptable to have the Toyo Proxes pair on the front with the Nokian Haka WR All Weather Plus tires on the back? (same tires in the pairs but two different pairs on the same car i.e. Toyo Proxes on the front with Nokian WRs on the back.)

I will have all the wheels balanced but I will not do a wheel alignment - not sure if thats necessary. Wheel alignment is very expensive and my car seems to drive fine. I hope thats OK.

Thank you for any suggestions,


I should also mention that the spare is a full-sized spare.  

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