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Blocked oil passages?

kdryan kdryan
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 01/09
Posted: 01/07/09
07:22 AM

Hi guys,

I went to put oil in my wife's mini-van (99 Mercury Villager, 3.8L V6) today and the top end promptly filled up with it, while the dipstick was bone dry with bits of sludge on it. I'm guessing that the oil passages are being blocked by sludge, but am not positive about it.

Can I use an engine flush like K&W to try to flush this out, or is it likely to need something more? Is it possible to take the valve cover off and either rod out or blow out the passages?


waynep712 waynep712
Enthusiast | Posts: 651 | Joined: 10/08
Posted: 01/07/09
09:08 AM

change the oil.. and filter   . check the pcv and crankcase vent system... that it works... that is a huge cause of sludge buildup in motors...

using the motor flush without pulling the pan when the motor is really sludged up will usually result in a blown motor..

what happens is the sludge gets washed off everything.. and all goes to the pan... where is mixes in the engine oil... and CLOGS the oil pickup screen...

warning... i have run across some engines that had sludge in them.. that were blown. do to the pick up being blocked.. that the sludge would not come off in the jet tank...   would not come off with solvent... NAPTHA... would not come off without huge amounts of lacquer thinner..   we gave up on those motor... just scrapped everything...  all the tin.. the blocks. cranks, rods,, heads,,, it just was not worth all the effort to try to get it clean enough... the slime was in every passage...

i have no idea of what they used... i could not get it out of the techs or the owners of the cars...

and yes... i have on engines... had to take the valve covers off and blow out the sludge..  using a 1/4 inch brake line on the end of the air gun...   mask off the car... the area between the hood and the cowl... so it does not spray on the windshield..or the rest of the car.. been there done that... helper took over when i went for plastic to mask off the car...  took him hours to wash the car to get it all clean...  they also sell oil galley brushes..   sets of 12 to 36 inch long round brushes...  great for cleaning out oil drain back passages...  moroso sells them through speed shops part number 61820.. do a google search for oil galley brushes... brush research company in los angeles makes them...

if you do plan on trying the flush..  change the oil and filter first.. do it for at least 30 minutes....   be sure when done..  change it a second time after you drain the flushed oil out.. ... disable the engine from running.. pull the fuel pump fuse.. the the pressure drop to kill the motor then change the oil for the last time...    but... before putting the filter on.. after putting the oil in.. have someone crank the motor for a few seconds... with the filter off.. to make sure that there is enough oil flow out the filter adaptor... this makes sure that the pickup is not totally blocked...

you might also think about going to a full synthetic oil.. something like mobil one..  less sludging..  

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