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92 Ford Ranger pouring fluid from front main.replaced seal. same issue

truelovn1983 truelovn1983
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 11/08
Posted: 11/15/08
08:06 PM

i have a 92 ford ranger. The tranny in it had bad thrust washers and would not pull while in overdrive but would pull in drive. i bought the truck thinking the tranny was bad but i put a new filter on it and cleaned the metal shavings from the pan and got about 6 months out of it.

One day all of a sudden it started pouring fluid from the front main coming from in the bell housing. So i decided since the tranny was already crap i would replace it.

Got the new/used transmission installed and filled with 11 quarts of fluid and it would smoke the back tires off my little ranger. i was very impressed.

I drove the truck to town and back and on the way back i stopped for gas and decided to check for leaks. It was pouring transmission fluid from once again the bell housing.

I am stumped an noone has an answer besides another bad front main seal. everyone keeps saying its the pump seal but there is no pump seal on this transmission that i know of just a large bolt on bell housing.

Well when i put the transmission in i knew the only smart thing to do was to put in a new rear main oil seal and a front main transmission seal. so if i done both of these and was very carefull not to damage the new seal than what is the problem.

I took off the cooler lines from the radiator and the secondary cooler and tried to blow through them. it was a bit tough so i decided to put the air hose to it. that done the trick and could now breath through the lines. so what is left? two separate transmissions and both are doing the same thing. Torque converter was also replaced  

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