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2000 grand cherokee sentry key system problems

cokeandrye cokeandrye
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 10/08
Posted: 10/25/08
06:21 PM

The problem is when i turn on the vehicle, its fine. 30 secs after starting, the sentry key light comes on and stays on but the vehicle stays running. the light use to go out sometimes then come back on but now it just stays on. then, whenever it feels like it, no set amount of time, the gauges will start to flucuate, shut off, come back on, along with any indicator lights on the panel. they shut off, come on, shut off, etc..... without any regular sequence. sometimes, all gauges will quit and all lights will come on but the engine stays running. also, the key fobs no longer open the doors and the driver door module doesnt function properly when jeep is running but works fine when engine is off. when its running, you can sometimes hear the module click and the locks will either work or not work until it clicks again. the codes are p1686 and p1687. there are numerous modules i've found that could cause this but i need more accurate diagnostics as i cant afford to guess. i've already replaced the driver door module that one garage claimed it was. it still clicked and the light still came on. i've had it on a scan tool and they couldnt narrow it down. is there a way i could dissconnect the skim altogether??? i dont want it if its going to cause problems. the problems with all these crappy computerized vehicles really makes me miss my old 75 malibu!!!  

ilayton1 ilayton1
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 11/08
Posted: 11/30/08
08:10 PM

yikes looks more like you have a lemon. that's a first that i've heard of i think you were better of with the malibu unless you want to go to a dealership and spend alot of money on the car i'd get another car  

mpe2us mpe2us
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 12/08
Posted: 12/22/08
05:18 PM

I have read that if you cut the yellow wire on the SKIM while the car is running that it will disable the SKIMM in the bypass position.  I had research the SKIMM device because I had wonder if my car was shutting off while driving was cause by it.  In my case when this happens ... the gauges are off and the car is disable until the gauges come back on in about 10 minutes.  From what I have read the SKIMM device is designed not to cause a car to die when running only within a few seconds of starting.  

astedman astedman
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 11/10
Posted: 11/29/10
01:25 PM

well i had the security key light come on and stay on (not flashing).  sometimes it went out but it was on more than off. but my 2000 grand cherokee ran fine.  however,  it died on me 2 or 3 times over a week and 1/2.  but always started right back up after i came to a stop and put in park and restarted.
then a week or two into it the guages all went dead, and all the dash lights came on. but the wj was still running fine.  the guages would bounce on and off but usually stay on.   then i realized it was happening when the temperature went below say 45 degrees.  it happend alot then, but she still ran fine...   the key light was coming on almost everytime but the guages seem to only bounce around when the outside temperature was under 45 degrees or so....
got to be a ground.... right???   well i undid the battery terminals and cleaned them even thought they looked good and left the battery unplugged for 20 minutes.  i read this may reset the computer.  did not expect much. but that was two days ago and i have not had a problem since. and the temperature was in the 30's.  i am still skeptical but it is working great since i cleaned the terminals and left it unplugged to rest the computer.
so we will see

prostock426 prostock426
New User | Posts: 21 | Joined: 08/10
Posted: 11/29/10
02:32 PM

Have the BCM (Body Control Module) scanned. Don't do any repairs. Just have the module scanned. If codes are present post them so we can see them. From that point, we'll tell you what the next step is.  
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astedman astedman
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 11/10
Posted: 01/31/11
11:57 AM

sorry i didn't get back..... did not realize i had a response..... i have since had the problem again.  definately better when the temp is above 45.   the codes were p1685 and p1687.   i did replace the body control module with one off a similiar grand cherokee, but it reallly did not change the problem of the guages bouncing around and the skim light coming on.  as it gets worse the windows won't work and the overhead display goes out and the headlight switch has to be worked manually.   reseting the computer retores EVERYTHING TO working order for a little while.    must be a module outside the passanger compartment..??

waynep7122 waynep7122
Addict | Posts: 4545 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 01/31/11
03:00 PM

with codes ... the problem areas can be found .   trouble shooting pages printed... trouble shooting charts followed..

do you still have the original BCM....

there might be differences in them...   so you might put the old one back in.. see if the other stuff starts working again... minus the few problem you might have had before..

changing the module just throws more variables into the mix...  so now instead of just a few things acting strange.. the device that controls everything is not correct...

which was the answer... 426 gave you ... scan for codes...    post codes.. Don't change anything..

there have been cases of wire insulation inside the boots between the doors and the door jams that gets damaged... this can cause problems also..

what you have done.. is put a new mother board in.. when the monitor and printers are having problems..

if you have the old one..   you might stick it back in...  be sure to mark them somehow.. so you know which one was the original...  a lot of these parts are all controlled by the same circuit...

its crazy...   you flip a switch.. the switch sends a code to the computer.. the computer sends a code to the device to turn on or off..  and a WHOLE bunch of things are on the same circuits..  

itisme1973 itisme1973
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 04/11
Posted: 04/07/11
11:46 AM

Hello; I have my own issues with the sentry keys or module.  I recently had the engine changed in my 02 jeep grand cherokee and then it started up and shut back off within 3 seconds.  I had the pcm checked it is fine.  We searched for shorts in the wiring and found nothing.  the key light is on and I don't know where to go from here.  If anyone has any suggestions or has knowledge of this please email me.  I am at wits end with trying to figure this out.  The sentry key module is pretty new; as it was replaced about 6 months ago.  Anyone/???   thank you for your time  Karen  

waynep7122 waynep7122
Addict | Posts: 4545 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 04/10/11
12:10 AM


i have a question... did you have an Ipod adaptor installed in the radio harness????

other people have had them installed as they install like an extension .. between the back of the radio and the wiring harness...

since these jeeps use controller area network... where the computer sends out commands to various parts...  the Ipod adaptor blocks the data transfer and shuts the system down.. including the door lock devices...

if you did not buy this truck new..   you might actually want to pull the radio and verify that someone did not install one prior.. or even for you...  

hpalmatier hpalmatier
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/11
Posted: 10/19/11
10:01 AM

did you ever find the issue with this??? having the EXACT same issues with mine, which is also a 2000 GCL  

New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 12/11
Posted: 12/19/11
11:59 PM

I am also having the same problem with my 2000 JGCL. I read on a forum to clean battery terminals and unplug battery for 20 minutes to reset it. That worked for the day. Then the SKIM light came on again. I have also read that it might be the SKIM module going bad. I have had no luck even pricing that. Any help would be great for ideas.  

waynep7122 waynep7122
Addict | Posts: 4545 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 12/20/11
12:25 AM

describe your exact problem....

you might want to without starting the engine.. flip the ignition on.. off.. on.. off.. on  off on..  within 10 seconds.. the dash board should light up... and codes any stored code numbers will be displayed in the odometer display..

also.,.  DID you manage to find out if somebody had installed an Ipod adaptor in the back of the radio.. where the harness plugs in...  that has really caused problems on other jeeps..

these jeeps are all wired with the CAN system..    think of your computer wiring between the computer and the display and the printer and scanner..  there is communication going on between them..   now unplug one and stick a different adaptor in line..   one that the computer does not have an address for..  or a driver for.. the system works slower and slower till it stalls as it just does not know what to do about that random object in the data path..

if the SKIM light is ON.. there will be codes stored..  write them down...  post them.. i will be around..

the body to drive train grounds are on the sides of the bell housing on both sides..  

williamalcedo williamalcedo
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 12/11
Posted: 12/22/11
11:39 PM

Im having the same issue with my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited.
Here are the codes P1686, P1687, P1698. Please help.
I reset the system using the battery disconnect trick. No codes for 2 days then first code will appear P1686 then followed by the 2 codes P1687 and P1698.  

waynep7122 waynep7122
Addict | Posts: 4545 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 12/23/11
12:51 AM

a few things....

i ask a question.. above if anybody has changed the car stereo... or added an Ipod adaptor to it.. where the harness plugs into the back of the radio...

what do the letters mean..

DTC.. diagnostic trouble code
DRB   the advance scan tool that works with chrysler built cars and trucks..

When Monitored and Set Condition:

When Monitored: With the ignition on.
Set Condition: The PCM does not receive a CCD Bus message from the SKIM when






conditions that set the DTC are not present at this time. The
following list may help in identifying the intermittent condition.
With the engine running and at normal operating temperature, monitor the DRB
parameters related to the DTC while wiggling the wiring harness. Look for parameter
values to change and/or a DTC to set.
Review the DTC When Monitored and Set Conditions. If possible, try to duplicate the
conditions under which the DTC was set.
Refer to any Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) that may apply.
Visually inspect the related wiring harness. Look for any chafed, pierced, pinched, or
partially broken wires.
Visually inspect the related wiring harness connectors. Look for broken, bent, pushed
out, or corroded terminals.
Were any of the above conditions present?

there have been broken wires found in the rubber boots between the door jam and the doors...
i should explain..  THE WHOLE jeep is wired with computer signals.. to operate devices..

go through and identify exactly .. WHAT DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY..


P1687 No Communication with the MIC
No BUS messages received from the Mechanical
Instrument Cluster (MIC) for approximately 25 seconds.


Symptom List:

Test Note: All symptoms listed above are diagnosed using the same tests.
The title for the tests will be P1698-NO BUS MESSAGE FROM
When Monitored and Set Condition:

When Monitored: Equipped with automatic transmission, the ignition key on, engine
running, transmission in drive, vehicle road speed and battery voltage greater than 10
Set Condition: No bus messages from the TCM for 10 seconds, two trips required.





before replacing ANYThing..   identifying anything that does not work properly ... then go to the EXACT factory service manual...

be cause of the failure could be a LOT of things..

with a factory service manual in print.. or a digital version on some tablet .. and some advanced scan tool that will talk to the CAN system...      ONLY using a digital volt meter and a LOGIC PROBE.. NEVER a test light... and knowing what connector you are about to probe..

identify what does not work..   use the scan tool to test that circuit..    you might also want to just check the connectors..  the grounds..   the relays...   the IGNITION Switch..

intermittents are hard to find.. takes 2 days.. to set a code..    what exactly were you doing when the code set...

warning.. a lot of shops start with the expensive  stuff.. and work toward the cheep stuff..  diagnosis of the spider web of CAN controlled circuits.. and careful monitoring of each of them ..

if you don't have a decent scan tool..  and you cannot find any broken wires.. you will probably want to buy the factory service manual..   and possibly an OTC scan tool.. #3499N..  as not all the consumer scan tools will do what you need to .. and the ads won't say that they don't..  

williamalcedo williamalcedo
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 12/11
Posted: 12/23/11
12:28 PM

WayneP, you the man! thanks for all the info. I will buy all the scanning tools that I might need first. Hopefully will have the time this weekend to investigate this car. I will keep you posted. in a meantime Merry x-mas and Happy New year to all of you Grin  

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