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Toyota Corolla versus. Mazda Protege versus Honda Civic

Findedeux Findedeux
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 03/08
Posted: 03/11/08
10:30 AM

I am looking to buy a used car for about 4k if from a private party, and no more than 6500 if from a dealer. I am looking to buy a car that can reliably go from point A to point B for at least three more years. I know Honda Civics and Toyota Corolla's are the top pick for this kind of thing but according to ratings the Mazda Protege is a very reliable car as well and it sells for a lot less than the other two.  Anyway, below are the cars I am considering. They are listed in order of preference.  Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

#1-2002 Mazda Protege 4DR-Automatic-88,400 Miles-Price-$3900-Private Party (KKB 4540)

#2-1998 Toyota Corolla-Automatic-Miles-94,000-Price-$3200 (KKB 3800)-Private Party

#3-2001 Honda Civic DX-Automatic-Miles-36,300-Price-$7995 (KKB 8,060)-Dealer

#4-2005 Hyundai Sonata GL-Miles-60,000-Price-$6,000 (Private Party)  

User | Posts: 55 | Joined: 11/07
Posted: 03/11/08
02:03 PM

the civic is going to hold its value the longest the corolla is about to roll over  but u should check what kind of warranty is left on the sonata as much as i hate to say it i know they usually have 100k warranties in which case that would be a thing to consider when buying a used car.

stay away from the extended warranties that the dealers try and offer you no good i got screwed out of 1700 bucks and had to pay for repairs a week after buying my car. - government grant

petroxg petroxg
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/08
Posted: 07/24/08
01:21 PM

I have a 1999 Mazda Protege LX and is the same generation as the 2002, just older.  Got 135K miles on it so far.  Bought it used 5 years ago with only 60K miles on it.  After 5 years and putting another 75K miles on top of it, I only did one repair so far and is the air flow sensor which is not that expensive at all.  Other wise mechanically wise..not a single repair is done on it yet.  Just regular fluid change, tires, brake pads, spark plugs and filters.  AC has never been serviced and still run chilling cold. Car still run smooth and ride is still comfy.  And the drive and handling is still fun and awesome, love the cornering. can do sharp small turn easily.  Yes, I m not joking, I m impress with the realibility myself.  Even my friend that got a 98 corolla was like what?  His corolla got half the mileage of mine and already did a few small repairs.

Not trying to say anything, but if u do the regular maintenance, this car can be just as realiable or even better than civic and corolla.  Yea and if you are not concern about the resell value of your car and just want a car cheap and realiable to last u a few years or run it down.  This car is definitely it for you.  In fact u might even be able to run it down to grave until another good 5 years at least if not more. Only thing not as good as civic and corrolla might be the gas mileage, is slightly lower, but u get more power than civic and corolla.  However, if all u want is the best gas mileage u can possibly get and high resell value, civic is probably your best bet instead.  Really depends on what u want.

Sonata is a mide-size sedan and the gas mileage and power and size is a whole different category can't really compare with your top 3 choices.  Hope that helps  

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