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sumic tire

vinhhoa52 vinhhoa52
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 12/07
Posted: 12/21/07
11:37 AM

Do you guys have any opinion about this brand SUMIC GT?
How's about noise level?
Thanks a lot for all your advices.  

badboytires badboytires
New User | Posts: 7 | Joined: 06/08
Posted: 06/17/08
07:25 AM

It's a private brand of TBC Corp which is made by Cooper Tire. It's fine.

smith_power smith_power
New User | Posts: 5 | Joined: 04/07
Posted: 07/03/08
01:08 AM

Summic GT? where is it? Even google doesn't know that brand that much so I guess it now widely used. I'd suggest you just try the more reliable brands since tires is very crucial when it comes to your safety.
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dkatnik dkatnik
User | Posts: 74 | Joined: 10/08
Posted: 10/08/08
12:03 PM

The Sumic brand in not a Cooper produced product but rather a Sumi Rubber Industries product.  Sumi Rubber Industries is a joint venture plant that also produces some of your favorite Dunlop tires. The Sumic product can attribute its design and quality to the combined effort of two of the largest tire producers in the world. Sumic is a high quality product of reasonable cost which until lately has had limited exposure in the U.S.  

rollsafe rollsafe
User | Posts: 213 | Joined: 11/08
Posted: 12/24/08
05:51 AM

Its good


ps61032 ps61032
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 01/10
Posted: 01/11/10
06:46 PM

I have heard a lot of good things with the Sumic tire from my associates. Which convinced me to get a set for car. So far I have been happy with them. When I get some more miles on, I will post how they have treated me.  

ps61032 ps61032
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 01/10
Posted: 04/05/10
12:16 AM

The Sumic tire are a good and affordable tire! I would definitely purchase another set for my car.  

jrostett jrostett
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 05/10
Posted: 05/31/10
08:55 AM

Just bought two replacements for Focus, 205 50 16's GT's, $100 ea. installed, cool tread design, 400 AA's, they run quiet. Their web page is dated 2007, needs update.  

dkatnik dkatnik
User | Posts: 74 | Joined: 10/08
Posted: 06/04/10
10:26 AM

How right you are.  You probably have the Sumic GT-A which is the most updated version of that product available today.  I am sure the web site that you found only represents the older Sumic GT which was actually quite good in its own right.  Enjoy and tread lightly.  

juiceyjlc juiceyjlc
New User | Posts: 26 | Joined: 03/10
Posted: 06/07/10
09:29 AM

Quality mid-range tire. We have been stocking them for a while.  I am sure you will be happy with the noise and performance.  

6.5HP 6.5HP
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/10
Posted: 07/16/10
02:01 PM

Just bought a new set. Tires look good comparable in price too cheapest Walmart tires. Will post any problems. Tongue  Ooo  Confused  Tongue  Grin  Blush  

globe12 globe12
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/13
Posted: 07/23/13
06:34 PM

I just purchased a set today for a Corolla. Didn't want to spend alot,but so far ok. Want to see how it will handle in wet, winter conditions.  

bowen.charles01 bowen.charles01
New User | Posts: 17 | Joined: 04/13
Posted: 11/20/13
01:41 AM

I did not yet try it but i already seen it in some private parking control in Finland at that tire was really amazing as i seen however i did not ask the owner of it but really pretty look good.  

faizalam29 faizalam29
User | Posts: 55 | Joined: 10/13
Posted: 11/27/13
12:06 AM

The higher the treadwear rating, the longer a tire can be expected to last before it needs replacing. The Sumic Gt (s Rated) has a treadwear rating of 400, meaning that it wears at a similar rate to the average modern tire, which has a treadwear rating of 400.  

Ben Setliff Ben Setliff
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/15
Posted: 10/06/15
05:48 AM

Bought a set of Sumic  tires a few months ago. Very pleased with them....The ride is quiet, the traction on wet roads is awesome, since I bought them before the east coast was hit by Hurricane Joaquin....And the price, , I gave $299.00 for 4 new tires...Will post again after more miles are put on them...  

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