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No Clue as what to buy

New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 07/07
Posted: 07/22/07
11:56 AM

Confused I am looking to buy a new car and I have no clue as to what I want.  I am looking for something sporty and quick but at the same time I need something that will drive in the winter.  My price range is under 40,000 so .... Any Suggestions???? Confused  

speedracer1407 speedracer1407
User | Posts: 151 | Joined: 03/07
Posted: 07/22/07
04:23 PM

Well, there's a positively huge list of cars you can get for under $40K, many of which qualify as "sporty and quick," depending on your interpretation of those qualifiers.  

The First car that comes to mind is the Infinity G35, which is available with AWD if you want something more capable in the winter.  The G35 is probably about as good as it gets for $40K because most reasonably equipped, and especially AWD BMW 3 series come in over $40K these days.  And the G35 is very quick, very sporty, and has much more interior space than most of the German brands.  

Audi A4s are always a good bed, and what they lose in power/performance to the Infinity, they make up for in greater levels of refinement and interior class.  Almost all Audis are equipped with AWD (I don't know why Audi still offers a front drive model, nobody buys them).

The Acrua TL is another good bet.  It's front drive, so promises to be acceptable in the snow.  It's also quick, sporty, and loaded with features.  Only Navigation and a sport model are offered as options.  All come in well under $40K.  

As an iconoclastic alternative, the Subaru Legacy 2.5T or Spec-B are quick, nicely equipped, stylish (i think), AWD, and are priced just over $30K.

These are all 4 door sedans--is that what you're looking for?  What other criteria do you have?  

New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 07/07
Posted: 07/23/07
05:23 AM

Well like I said I am not exactly sure. I don't know, the cars that I have been looking at so far are the dodge charger daytona r/t and I have really been looking at the 2007 cobalt ss supercharged.  But I really don't know to much about the cobalt but from what I hear you can do alot to it to tune it up to make it faster and I guess that's the kind of car I am looking for.  But some people are telling me it's a chick car and other people are telling me it's not all that good of a car,  where on the other hand some people say they really like it.  What have you heard about it or what is your oppinion?  

speedracer1407 speedracer1407
User | Posts: 151 | Joined: 03/07
Posted: 07/25/07
01:08 AM

If $40K is your price cap, I see no reason to be looking at cars like the Dodge Charger or Chevy Cobalt.  But let's discuss their strengths and weaknesses anyway.  

The regular cobalt is a sub-par economy sedan that, because of its lack of refinement, junky interior, and dull styling, doesn't compete well against other economy sedans.  The SS trim option dramatically improves the handling and acceleration to the point that it's fully competitive with anything in its price class on those merits alone.  However, the SS package doesn't fix the crappy interior, lack of refinement, or the suspect reliability and low resale value.  If small and sporty are priorities, and you've got the money, there are a host of other, far better options.  

The first car that comes to mind, which competes directly with the Cobalt, is the Mazdaspeed3.  It's way more powerful, much more refined, has an excellent interior, is stylish (I think), and handles better.

The VW Gti is another "hot hatch" that's worlds better than the Cobalt in every category.  VW's excellent 200HP turbo 2Liter is nearly turbolag-free, and feels significantly more powerful than it is.  The optional DSG transmission is a performance and technology wonder.  IT's not an automatic, but rather, an automatically operated manual transmission with shift paddles behind the steering wheel.  It's better than Ferarri, Austin Martin, and Lamborghini's system because it employs a second clutch that allows the transmission to preload the next gear, allowing seamless gear changes with electronically controlled throttle blips to match revs.  

The Audi A3 is another, more expensive option.  For about $30K, you can get a very nicely equipped one with the same 200 HP engine as the Gti, or an optional 250HP VR6.  Both are available with the DSG, I believe, and Audi's world-class refinement and interior would make a Cobalt feel--well, like junk.  

The Dodge Charger is unique.  It's a big, boldly styled American sedan with a big V8 that's certainly more powerful than most in its price category.  It also rides on a previous-generation Mercedes E-class suspension, so it's no slouch in the corners either.  With the ridiculous 6.1 Liter engine, it's also....well just plain fast.  You can't get that sort of power in anything else for under $40K.  If maximum power and performance is your goal, then look no further.  But I'd rather have something less powerful, still fun, and more refined.  Lexus, Infinity, Acura, Subaru, VW, and Audi all make cars that put the fit/finish and interior design/quality of the Dodge to shame.  None are faster or larger, but I suspect that if you really needed a full-size car with 350-400+ HP for under $40K, you wouldn't be on this site asking questions because you'd already know that you wanted a Charger.

So look at what the above mentioned makers have to offer, and perhaps we can talk more in depth about these cars if any of them strike your fancy.  

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