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2004 Dodge Sprinter Transmission

jwhatcher jwhatcher
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 12/05
Posted: 12/13/05
02:03 PM

Has anyone had problems with the transmission in a 2004 Dodge Sprinter 2500 transmission?

Our Sprinter had just over 80,000 miles on it and the transmission is slipping requiring an overhaul.  We of course cannot check the transmission fluid because there is no dipstick.  The Dodge dealer had checked the transmission in the past and said it was OK.  We are a logistics company, and this poses a great problem for our mechanics.

If anyone has had similiar problems we would like to hear about them.


holehshot31 holehshot31
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/06
Posted: 10/19/06
01:47 PM

Hey,  are 04 dodge sprinter has about the same millage, and what it's doing is when your driving around all of a sudden the tranny disengages
and its like theirs no gears,then you have to limp home in 2nd.The dealership thinks its the shifting module chip, but they have replaced it twice and the same thing happend again.we are a maintenance company
and this posses a big problem. If anyone has any info on this type of problem we would be pleased to hear about them THANKS.  

675Trip 675Trip
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 11/06
Posted: 11/08/06
03:57 AM

I found this site

which lists the dipstick and parts we need to replace the cap. I seem to recall somewhere that a lot of sprinters had low ATF levels and that dealers were mistakenly setting them too low.

I am replacing my ATF with AMSOIL ATF as soon as I receive the necessary parts. I changed the Oil at 1800 Mi to AMSOIL HDD and was amazed at how much particulate matter was in the oil. I will now go ahead and get the amsoil bypass filter (additional filtration and capacity) and the pre-oiler because I want this engine to run the best it can.  

I listed below the stuff I am using, I will get a fleetguard filter LF3997 instead of WIX 57038 (MERCEDES-BENZ 6111800009)

My AMSOIL site
Dealer number 1458371
You can order for yourself at wholesale through my site.

Amsoil products for sprinter (2006, probably same for others)
HDDTP - 2.5 Gal (10 Qt) HDD oil (approx $70)- Requires 8-9.5 Qt - Check drain quantity for fill quantity as reading varies by temperature
G1230 - Pour spout (approx $.65) (2) one for atf, one for oil
AFTQT - Quart Sythetic ATF - Requires 5.3 (6)(approx $7 ea) or (approx $78 for 12)
SVGQT - Severe Gear Oil for Differential - Quart - needs 2-3 depending on rear end. (approx $6 ea)
G2039 - Hand pump for gear oil, atf (approx $10 ea) can use for ATF too

This site is a pain as it keeps logging me out while I am composing.

BTW, the bypass system I am installing is the BMK11 with the big filter eabp110 (2qt capacity) and the AMK02 pre-oiler. the preoiler and bypass T off the oil pressure sending unit and the bypass pumps the oil back into the oil filler cap. I haven't figured out where to install it yet, so any expreience would be appreciated.  

jjjzam jjjzam
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 11/06
Posted: 11/08/06
10:01 AM

i just pick up my 2003 dodge sprinter from the dealer, they have to replaced the transmition and differential,my truck has a 100,000 miles and since it was new a had oil leaks , twice they replace the internal pump and once at 75,000 the rebuild the trany, they give me the transmition for free, but my total bill came up to 3800 just for labor and the replacement of the axle and differential not a lot for all the work done , but this ads to about 8,000 that a have to pay in the last 3 years in labor,parts and rental just keep working, a lot for a truck that was sold to me as the best out there .  

roncarules2003 roncarules2003
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 12/06
Posted: 12/12/06
03:17 AM

I have three sprinters a 03 04 05 all have had tranny problems 03 at 45000 miles 04 at 56000 miles the tranny was replaced and again I am have problems with 05 at 53000 mile   The 03 and 04 are out of warranty but dodge has made good on them but I am waiting to see how long they well last before I have problems again  

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