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2002 Mercury Mountaineer Transmission wont change Gear

Gentry Gentry
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 12/05
Posted: 12/05/05
05:08 PM

We bought this vehicle exactly one year ago and did all the required servicing. On the weekend while making 40mph tried to overtake when the trany stalled. I eased off the accelerator and contiunied driving in what seemed like the same gear for about 3 minutes and parked. I then returned home , a 10 minute trip making 20mph and the automatic gear would not change for a higher speed. We parked the car and I am told the transmission filter may be clogged and caused major damage and may have to replace transmission. Why dont service providers automatically check these things? How am I suppose to know to change that filter. There is no guage to check the fluid or to know whats going on in there. The lights lit up on the dashboard to check transmission for about 3 minutes and then they went out. Are we now stuck with having to replace a transmission in a car we are still paying the bank for? Can anyone give us some advice? The same service provider is coming to collect the vehicle tomorrow to check the transmission to see if anything is "burned" so they say.  

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