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Forget Flat Tires - Michelin develops car tire that never needs air

AndrewG AndrewG
New User | Posts: 43 | Joined: 02/05
Posted: 01/09/05
10:48 AM

"The iBot wheelchair that climbs stairs, industrial equipment and military vehicles might be the first to use no-air Tweels, but passenger cars could roll on the new technology in a decade or so, said Terry Gettys, president of Greenville-based Michelin Americas Research Corp.

Michelin is introducing no-air combination tire-and-wheel technology, developed in Greenville, at Detroit's North American International Automobile Show today.

Gettys said the Tweel — a name created to represent the fusion of tire and wheel — is "one of the most exciting breakthroughs in tire technology in my lifetime."

The Tweel's development to date is similar to a concept car made by an automaker, he said. It presents the technology in a way that can be seen."

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wtsang wtsang
User | Posts: 125 | Joined: 01/05
Posted: 01/13/05
05:54 PM

Too bad it's so fugly.  What will become of the aftermarket wheel industry when these go mainstream?  

jphillips jphillips
New User | Posts: 7 | Joined: 01/05
Posted: 01/13/05
07:56 PM

I think they look kind of cool. Like an old school wire rim off a cadillac.

If they catch on the "Tweel" has the potential to transform the automotive,
military, construction and personal mobility industries in the years ahead.
Wonder how much they are going to cost?  

blitwack blitwack
User | Posts: 102 | Joined: 01/05
Posted: 01/14/05
12:50 PM

I wonder if they'll come with a complimetnary pack of baseball cards to glue to the spokes.

GoinBack2Cali GoinBack2Cali
New User | Posts: 27 | Joined: 01/05
Posted: 01/18/05
06:03 PM

 wtsang wrote:
Too bad it's so fugly.  What will become of the aftermarket wheel industry when these go mainstream?

I'm sure they'll punch them up once there's a market.  Just shoot me when they come with spinners.

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